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I’m sorry that the second half to AP is a little behind. I am currently cleaning it up now for release next month. To thank you for your patience with me I am post the first chapter unedited. Thank you so much for hanging in there with me as I strive to give you the very best of me. Have a fantastic week! I hope you enjoy it. Just a thought but maybe Anjula’s stalker isn’t someone you know…


Chapter One

Anjula glanced around the club. Bass in the music made the wall thump and the dancefloor was crowded with writhing bodies moving to the beat. Bai Lin was on the outside of a group rolling her hips and swinging her hands above her head. Several men surrounded her but her friend didn’t show any interest in the people circling her.

She and Bai Lin were having a nice dinner when her bestie had an idea and as usual she went along with it. Not for her sake but for Bai’s, she did not want to make an early morning visit to the police station to bail her buddy out. So far she’d declined a few drinks and offers to dance.

Bai dropped into the seat next to her, took one look at Anjula’s drink and waved her hand. “Two more Long Island ice teas please”.

Anjula stared at her friend. “You do realize if we keep this up we won’t make it home”.

“There is a very nice hotel next door.” Bai shrugged. “So we stumble down the sidewalk and get us a room. Sleep it off”. Her bestie wasn’t behaving like she usually did and hadn’t been ever since Jay arrived in town. “See I have a contingency plan for everything.”

The server arrived with fresh drinks and set them down with the slip to sign for the. A quick scribble and Bai was out of her seat again. “I love this song!” She grabbed Anjula by the hand and yanked her up out the seat. They pressed through the mob to the center of the floor. “Shake that ass, show ‘em what you working with.” Bai yelled.

She couldn’t help the smile that lifted her lips. leave it to her friend to find the most outrageous way to cheer her up. She’d been sticking close to home only leaving her house to go to work since the episode with the funeral flowers. Through everything Jin Woo was understanding, he was like a piece of chewing gum stuck to her. Anjula closed her eyes and his image filled her mind. This was the first time in a few weeks that he wasn’t in close proximity. He definitely needed a break from all her drama which was why she’d agreed to go out with Bai Lin. Slowly she gyrated her hips getting a feel for the rhythm created by the song. Someone bump up against her and she shifted easing away from the person invading her space.

It was nice to forget about everything but the right then. She swayed letting the music soothe her battered soul. Anjula shook her head, she wouldn’t think about the person threatening her. They didn’t deserve that kind of power over her. It was bad enough the idiot kept coming at her and the police, they were no help telling her to wait until the criminal made a mistake. Stalking laws were shitty and that was putting it nicely but as the cop pointed out they had no one to focus on to begin with. Bile rose up burning her throat, she stopped moving and cover ed her mouth. Maybe coming out wasn’t the greatest idea.

She was in public and no one would bother her or would they? Anjula’s lids snapped open, self-conscious, panic slithered along her nerves. She ran forward slamming into another person. The dancer looked her up and down before a sly smile spread across his mouth but didn’t quite reach his eyes. She nodded and mouthed an apology, easing to the side to slip past him.

He wrapped cold fingers around her wrist and jerked her back. “Hey beautiful, dance with me.” A mix of alcohol was rich on his breath.

The smell made her gag. “Another time.’ She yanked her arm.

“Now is as good a time as any.” He lurched forward trapping her limb between them. “Right?”

This was not good. She glanced around searching or Bai and spotted her buddy dancing on the other side of the floor. Her belly roiled, saliva pooled in her mouth she was going to be sick. “Not really.”

His hand slid down her back resting on the top of her ass. “If you have a better idea gorgeous I am open to suggestions.”

She leaned in, pressing against his cheek. “I will throw-up all over you in a minute if you don’t let me go.”

He gazed at her through narrowed eyes.

She held his gaze and swallowed back the vomit threatening to erupt from her.

“You heard the woman.” A deep voice came from behind her.

The guy released her arm and shoved her back. “You’re not even cute anyway” He commented with sneer before walking away.

Anjula stumbled back and strong hand curled around her biceps. “Careful.”

She spun around to find detective Moore peering down at her. “Interesting meeting you here Dr. Mathews. I’m surprise you ventured out alone.”

“I’m here with friends.” She discreetly pulled from his embrace “What brings you to a club?”

“Everyone gets time off doctor. What better way than to let off a little steam?” He tightened his arm around her waist and swayed to the music. “Hell of a coincidence meeting you here.”

His presence wasn’t inspiring confidence. All she wanted to do was get off the dance floor and away from people.

Detective Moore maneuvered them. “I’ve been watching you.”

“And that’s supposed to make me feel better?” She patted his chest. His words came across ore like a threat than reassurance. “At least you’re doing your job, maybe you’ll actually catch my stalker.”

“I wonder…” He covered her hand with his. “As a psychologist you would know how o manipulate the people around you to appear as a victim.”

Her anger sparked, “You’ve found me out. Oh my God! Was I so obvious – my cravings for attention? Really I just wanted you to notice me detective…” Anjula sighed deeply. “I just can’t hide my feeling for you anymore. Save me.”

“I guess you’ll cover your tracks anyway you can.” He cleared his throat. “Playing with police is serious. Keep it up and you won’t like what happens.”

“Join the list of assholes threatening me.” She scoffed. “Help me find the perpetrator instead of adding to my issues.”

“I have a pretty good handle on what’s happening.” Detective Moore chuckled. “I only have to wait for you to make a mistake.” He dropped his arms. “After all everyone makes mistakes.”

“I could report you for harassment.”

“Who would believe you? A black woman against a decorated policeman. One of Sugarland’s finest.” He held her gaze. “Stop wasting valuable resources and take care of your problems without involving law enforcement.

Where was his aggression coming from? She lifted her chin. “Fuck you.”

He shook his head, “Is that the best you got because I have heard worse. He spun on his heel and ambled away.

She watched him saunter away, his shoulders straight as if he didn’t have a care in the world. She was tired. Anjula marched in the opposite direction of the detective, stalking the floor for Bai Lin. She found her friend at their table with two men. Bai peered up at her with a goofy smile. “Hey I was looking for you and found these brothers instead. Cute huh”

“I’m tired and ready to go”. Anjula wouldn’t swear to it but she thought she saw relief in her friend’s eyes.

“Let us buy you another round.” The teller of the two men spoke up.

Bai rose and patted the fella’s shoulders “You heard her guys my friend is ready to go.” She locked arms with Anjula. Together they strolled toward the exit. The cool evening air greeted them as they walked outside. “Well this was a very interesting night. Who was the man you were talking too?”

“Here I thought you lost me.” Anjula grinned. She wouldn’t add to her friends worries.

“Are you drunk and crazy?” Bai snorted. “You were only out of my sight for a few minutes at most. If I let anything happen to you Oppa would be one very pissed off person. I can’t stand him when he gets that way, all grouchy and petulant. I already have one nightmare like that. I don’t need two”

Anjula hesitated. “Really who’s the other one?”

“Jay.” Bai stopped in front of the hotels automatic doors and they slid open. A woosh of air flowed over them from the interior.

“Want to talk about it? You and Jay.” Maybe she would finally get to the mystery history that the two shared.

“I’m tipsy not drunk so not really.” Bai waved a hand. “I’ll get us a room. Hey this will be just like our dorm days. Now those were good times”

“Yeah they were.” If only they could go back to those days when adulating wasn’t so damn hard.

In the room she just stripped down to her undies as she walked to the closest bed and crawled in. Anjula sat at the small table and looked out at the skyline through the open curtains. She reached for her purse and dug out her phone to send a quick text to Jin.

Are you enjoying your guy’s night out?

A thrilling evening reminiscing with Soju and beer. How is your night going?

I miss you. Why burden him by telling him about the cop.

Come home.

Nope – miss me.

“Go to sleep already your notification chimes are annoying.” Bai groused before turning over.

“Night Park Bai Lin,” Anjula sang the words.


“They’re both safely tucked in bed. Do you want to check into the hotel too? Jin Woo twisted in his seat and peered at his old friend

“Not necessary. I’m all for some Soju though?”

“Home it is.” Cai shook his head. “You say I have it bad?”

“I did this for you. You would have lost your damn mind if anything happened to Anjula. I practically had to break your arm to keep you from storming over to her and the cop.”

“She did good though didn’t she? Not once did she back down.” Pride was clear in his tone. “But she didn’t mention it just now.”

“If Anjula couldn’t have handled it I saw Bai watching her. Anything happened and that cop wouldn’t have made it out of the club.”

“Maybe not but I noticed three men shadowing him. Bai couldn’t have taken them all on.”

Damian stared at Jin through cold eyes. “That my friend would have been extenuating circumstances which would have called for our interference”

“Brother you got it way worse than I do. Just put your foot down and tell Park Bai Lin how it’s going to be.” Cai laughed loudly

“You do know realize this is Bai we’re talking about. Ms. I can’t be with you because my family wouldn’t understand.” Frustration colored Jays tone.

Jin had heard it all his life. The pedigree of marriage, she must behave a certain way. Have a specific amount of money and connections to further their business background and bank accounts. There was strength in marital bonds and more times than he cared to admit his family members married for reasons other than love. “You know our filial bonds.”

“You could care less about what people think especially family. Sometimes I think you purposely set out to piss them off.”

“True, but I am on a whole other level than you and I was raised under these expectations, which is why I give less than a damn.” Jin started the truck. “Sometimes I wish they would cut me off. Since my mom wasn’t what my family wanted it put double the pressure on me.”

“I wish Bai would say screw it and save us a lot of heart ache.”

“My cousin is a little off.” He’d tried to warn his friend years earlier when Jay first meant Bai Lin. Jay was lost the moment he saw her and for all the shit Bai Ln took him through, not matter where or what country she fled too Jay was never far behind.

“That’s what makes her fun.”

“I think you have taken one too many hits to the head.” He pulled into traffic.

“Let’s agree to disagree. I do have one question.”

“I’m listening.”

“Have you told your mother? If you haven’t – can I listen in when you do? Because that is a bout I would pay for.”

“Kiss my toned ass.” Anyone who knew him, knew his mother was not a subject he liked to discuss.

“Nothing can compare to my buns of steel.” Jay pressed the button and the window slid down. “It’s not my fault Choi May Ling is the Asian reincarnation of Mommy Dearest.”

“Do you want to walk back to Sugarland”

Jay peered over at him with an emotionless expression. “Just drive, flower boy.”

Truck headlights illuminated the white lines that bisected the high way. Immersed in his thoughts Jin didn’t speak on the trip from Houston to Sugarland and Jay stayed quiet also. His best friend was right, May Ling would force him to deal with her if he didn’t address her on his own and bring Anjula into the mix. She had enough on her plate. He could marry Anjula, his mother wouldn’t be able to dispute that. There was nothing she could do with him at all which was the source of her frustrations but he didn’t doubt she would try to make Anjula’s life hell. He needed a powerful ally and there was only one person in his family that could take on his mother, Chairman Choi. Jin tapped the steering wheel with is fingers. He would have to suck it up and have a conversation with his grandmother.

Hello (In my best Adele voice) and Happy New Year!!!

Wow, what a year 2015 was, at least or me. Don’t get me wrong, what doesn’t kill me will only make me stronger but man am I happy to see the door close on this past year. I was a praying somebody as the clock struck midnight spinning us into 2016.

In reflection of the past year, it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Change, I don’t like it but it isn’t always a bad thing.  I was reminded that sometimes the bad that can happen in your life forces  you to appreciate the good that will shine through. Despite the challenges, life is good and no matter the ups and downs, still, all things in time.

2015 was a tad hard with family and medical issues. I was unable to get the books out like I wanted and sadly there there were a few changes with a couple of my publishers. Any missing series or books will be loaded by Spring. All of my books can be found on Amazon. I am in the process of loading them to Barnes and Noble, Smashwords and other third party  distributors.

My friends and readers thank you for hanging inn there with  me. I raise my glass to you in toast. Here’s to a wonderful New Year. Happy-New-Year-Wallpapers-2016Picture taken from Wallpaper for 2016. 

Pack Rulez in Order

Hey, I wrote a short blog about Roar and some of you wonderful readers reached out to me about missing books in the series.  They are all up now on Amazon and will be up on Barnes and Noble within a few days.  Here is the list.

roar banner

~ Shifter Nation ~

Books in Order by Series

Pack Rulez, Pride Riders and Shifter Legends are all connected under one paranormal nation, Shifter Nation. These beasts masquerading as men and women live and work among us. Below are the books that can be read in order or as stand alone novellas.

Pack Rulez
All Books up to  #9 have been released
(Volkshire Pack, Betaille Coalition and Rattler, Texas Clutch)
Redemption  (Release Summer/Fall 2016)
Matos (Release 2016)
Alpha (Release 2017)


All books are released
(Lyons Motorcycle Club)
Pride (Release Summer 2016)


Shifter Legends
***Note*** I recently got these books back from the publisher. They will not be re-releases until Jan/Feb of 2016.
(Beasts that have been around a Millennia- Ancient Ones who only exist in Legends…or so we think.)
Rogue Dragon
Stone Guardian
Defiant Dragon
Beast Protector
Chaos and Treachery (Release Spring of 2016)



Tigers, Bears, Lions and Wolves…Its a Shifter Nation and Roar is leading the pack.

I know a lot of you have been waiting for the next book in the Pack Rulez series. Not sure if I ever shared this with you but all my shifter books are connected in the same world even though they all have different things happening in their lives. With that in mind when I was telling Roar’s story, trust me when I tell you, nobody was more shocked that I when found out that Roar had a connection to the Pride Riders.

This book is unique in that it is a Pack Rulez/Pride Riders crossover because Simone is part of the Pride and she has a hell of a secret to keep.

It took a while to actually get the story line right because, well, the beasts were all talking at once and trying to lead me in the direction they wanted me to go but this is Roar and Simone’s story so I had to tell the other animals in my head to shut the hell up. LOL. I realize that many of you readers were concerned if there would be more book and I’m here to tell you there are several. Below is the list of shifter books to date and releases planned for 2016. It is my sincerest wish that you enjoy my world as much as I do. Thank you for your readership and patience.

~ Shifter Nation ~

Books in Order by Series.

Pack Rulez, Pride Riders and Shifter Legends are all connected under one paranormal nation, Shifter Nation. These beasts masquerading as men and women live and work among us. Below are the books that can be read in order or as stand alone novellas.

Pack Rulez
(Volkshire Pack, Betaille Coalition and Rattler, Texas Clutch)
Redemption – Is planned for release in 2016 (I hope your ready for this one…)


(Lyons Motorcycle Club)
Pride – Is planned for release in 2016


Shifter Legends
(Beasts that have been around a Millennia- Ancient Ones who only exist in Legends…or so we think.)
Rogue Dragon
Stone Guardian
Defiant Dragon
Beast Protector
Chaos and Treachery – Is planned for release in 2016.

Roar-eBook-webFriends who let a woman come between them. Trace is mated and Roar is stuck in a painful limbo of loving a woman that may never be his.
Hunted for the child she keeps close but should have never birthed. Simone must do what she has to keep her baby safe at any cost.
With nowhere to turn and the one person she trusted gone, she makes the only choice she can. Allow the man she spent years running from to help her.
Trace loves her as only another tiger can but Roar is her salvation.
Her child could lead a new a generation of beasts and her decision will change the Shifter Nation. No clan will be the same.;jsessionid=093AE99C44578F82B99AF0E03E7C2CA6.prodny_store02-atgap11?ean=2940157674854

The weather outside is frightful…Not really but the Christmas Box Set is here

Its still warmish outside but I live in Central Florida so that is kinda expected. I have lived here almost thirty years and the coldest we got was 31 degrees so I think we will be okay, LOL. Regardless, I adore all things Christmas, yeah I am a sucker for anything pumpkin. I can see the shudder of some readers as the look over that statement.

Anyway, as usual I am writing Christmas stories,. What can I say? They give me life and are so much fun to write. This year I am going with 2 books…(insert Duh, duh duh here) Joy and Toy.

Holiday Boxset

Joy is part of the Sexy Holiday Delights Box set releasing Nov 3rd. Her book introduces you to the world of Shakers Gentlemen’s Club and you haven’t met an owner like her. Here is a a taste of Joy.

Excerpt ~

“Really, I seem to remember a certain white boy straight off the bus, eighteen and still wet behind the ears walking into my club fourteen years ago looking for work.” Joy combed her fingers through his deep red strands.

“You have no idea how glad I am that a certain, very sexy, older woman with skin the color of rich toffee, decided to take me in.” He turned is deep green gaze on her and traced his finger down her nose. “You know I am a sucker for sweets.”

“Remind me I’m a cougar.” She groused before grinning.

“It wasn’t a complaint, and ten years isn’t that much older.”

“It’s too late to try and make me feel better.”

“You know watching you drop that ass gave me an instant erection.” He smacked her behind before sliding off the stool easing away from her. “Like your dancers, my bouncers will be stomping in here soon to collect their wages.” Royce rolled his shoulders. “I want to talk to a few of them about that incident last night.”

“You need to, I was a little annoyed and we both know that ain’t a good thing. And watch yourself, I’m still the boss.” She winked. “Respect this ass.”

And that’s not all! Enjoy other Christmas hotness from some awesome authors. !0 stories to heat up your days or nights during the long winter season. LOL, even if you live in Florida.

boxsetpreorderHere is the link:


Asian Persuasion – The challenge of writing a book with K-drama elements.


I love, love, LOVE K-Dramas. So much so that I would agonize over how to write like the shows enjoy. I wanted to create a book where the reader gets lost in the story, yells and groans with joy or anger and possibly disbelief at the words I’ve written.  Not to mention the romance and heat that can come with a well created story. I watched and plotted, always searching for a twist and keywords that signified Korean Drama.

Asian Persuasion – The Beginning and The Ending is my hope that I nailed the roiling emotions I feel whenever I watch drama in a book.

Welcome to Sugar Land TX where my cast of characters reside. Meet Choi Jin Woo and Anjula Matthews. Take the roller-coaster ride with them as they try and hold on to a budding relationship against all odds including a violent stalker. Read about their friends, especially Park Bai Lin, a ride or die chick if I have ever wrote one.

The combination of my love for both writing and K-drama…

It is my sincerest wish that you love it as much as I do and if your interest in K-Drama has been sparked all the better.

Blurb ~

Anjula Matthews loved people but a betrayal by the ones closest to her left her hesitant to trust again.
Choi Jin Woo wanted live his life free of the obligations his family placed on him. He chose to leave and start anew.
Fresh with new beginnings, both meet under unusual circumstances leading to an unexpected attraction…Only someone isn’t happy with the budding romance and will do anything to stop it.
With obstacles that seem insurmountable, their feelings for each other will be tested. For Anjula, Choi Jin Woo is willing to be her shield but will he be able to withstand the blows that will batter their relationship to keep them together.
***Cliff Hanger***

From Falling to Rising the Sequel is out!


Rising released and I am pooped. Writing about people who don’t like you because of the color of your skin is hard as hell and talking to them is harder.  They want to be heard, and have a voice and if yu give them a chance folks will grudgingly speak to you if only to get their brand of rhetoric out. That is why it takes me some time to write these books. The information in this id authentic, well, as much as they will tell me. 🙂

You may not like my books, not everybody does but you will get the very best of  my ability in them.  Falling and Rising mean the world to me. They are true characters slowly evolving, after all Rome was not built over night and their indoctrination into the world of hate started young. The will not change within a hundred and fifty pages worth of words. That’s being real. Slowly but surely though I believe they will become wonderful human beings with the help of the women who love them unconditionally.

If your willing to take a ride with me you will see what I mean. Bobby Jack, Riley Joe, Whit and Savannah have a story to tell and I will tell it honestly. Not to please readers, not to say oh I wrote that but to put a beautiful love story in the hands of my readers. I truly hope you enjoy Rising as much as I did when I got that editor copy back for the final read through. Like them or  not to me they made the ultimate sacrifices for each other and not many people can say that.

Talk to you’ later.

Hey What’s Up? I know it’s been a minute.

Hello Friends.

I had somethings come up that claimed my attention for a few months but I am back and I brought goodies. I have two book coming out starting this month.

Many of you asked about the sequel to Falling. Rising is complete at a little over 50k and will be released this month. Here is the cover and the blurb.


Riley Joe didn’t just believe in chaos…he created it, reveled in it. Life tried to break him a long time ago. He fights for his truth, to hell with what everybody else thinks.

Savannah Joy Regis prays for love, after only knowing abuse for most of her life. She’s gotten use to hiding the scars and slowly she rebuilds her life away from the people who created her own personal hell.

When the leader of the Aryan Southern Chapter, New World Watch, crosses path with the one woman he knows he can’t have…hell hath no fury like a man determined. To Riley, Savannah’s very existence is reason enough to take his last breath.

Blood in…blood out. He’s willing to take the chance and life for the woman he claims will never be the same. Just maybe he can rise above it all.


Now my Sept release is a bit different. I love Korean Drama (Seriously it gives me life) so I wrote a book mimicking the TV genre I love so much. Asian Persuasion has two books in the mini series and they are both written with release months of Sept and Nov. Because y’all are so freaking great I am releasing the first chapter of AP – The Beginning. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.  This is an unedited chapter since it is with the editor. Here you go.


Chapter One

Her heel caught in a small hole in the asphalt and Anjula Matthews dropped her dress bag and pin wheeled her arms to keep from tumbling over. Without warning, she was yanked up and jerked back, pulling her jeans into the crack of her ass. Anjula slammed into the person behind her. She took a step to the side and angled her body to glance over her shoulder and the move drove the material farther between her butt cheeks.

The man who held her by the belt loop didn’t immediately let go. She gazed into the dark lenses of wraparound sunglasses. He gently released her clothing and she did a little wiggle before she spun around to thank him. Hot damn and heaven have mercy.

She pressed her sunglasses further up her nose to hide her perusal of his body. Six foot plus of lickable man candy. His chest was defined by the white button down shirt that tapered to a narrow waist. A dark vest made his biceps appear large. Faded jeans looked butter soft like he’d had them for years and fit so well it took her breath away. Work boots covered his feet. She sucked her bottom lip between her teeth. He had that pretty coco butter skin that most women would kill for. His pencil thin mustache flowed along his upper lip following the lines of a sexy upper lip, connecting to the goatee that covered his chin. The man was utterly beautiful with a sharp nose, high cheekbones, if only she could see his eyes. His hair was pulled back into a short ponytail. Instantly, she thought of him as pretty, but he exuded masculinity. He coughed and she could feel the heat rise up her neck to cover her cheeks. She’d been staring, with her mouth open.

Anjula shut her mouth with audible snap and swallowed. “Thank you”. She did another little shimmy to dislodge the panties from her ass without notice.

She watched as he opened his mouth, closed it and opened it again before smiling so wide he exposed even white teeth with one crooked incisor. The urge to trace that tooth with her tongue was fast and furious. She shook her head to clear her thoughts. What the hell was wrong with her? It had been a while. Yeah that’s what she told herself. She just needed to get laid. After all she was a black woman with a healthy sexual appetite. But after the last fiasco with William Archer she decided to wait until hell froze over before she gave herself to a man so easily and completely. Anjula exhaled, her last relationship was a convoluted, complicated mess and she still wasn’t clear on how that happened.

The lift of his lips brightened his face and deep indentations etched his cheeks. “My pleasure.” The deep timbre of his voice held the allure of the slightest accent, foreign and mysterious.


Jin Woo hoped it wasn’t one of his goofier smiles. He wasn’t sure what to think. He’d stepped out of his dojo to run a few errands, check on his other martial arts studios and found a woman waving her arms like she was trying to fly. Without thinking, he grabbed her by her jeans belt loop and tugged her back. When she stumbled back into him, her lush backside barreled into his front and he was instantly aware of her. His body reacted. He mimicked her movements easing to the side so she wouldn’t catch sight of his erection. Jin Woo cocked his head. It didn’t help that she kept doing some kind of wiggle. A guttural groan escaped through his lips and he prayed she hadn’t heard him.

He willed his cock to relax while he waited for her to speak. Just to see if she was truly okay, he told himself. He needed those few extra seconds.

She was gorgeous. Her hair was cut short, to her jawline and was a deep, dark brown with a myriad of lighter tones peppered through it. Smooth skin the color of fresh, pure honey, full lips, and high solid cheekbones rounded out an attractive face from what he could see. His gaze drifted along the length of very kissable throat. Huh where did that thought come from.

Not model thin but healthy and thick in all the right places. Her jeans clung to the flair of her hips and her waist was the perfect span for his hands. Nice. He continued to peer down. She was wearing open toe heels and her toes. Well hell, sun’s rays glinted off the rhinestones that dotted them.

Returning to her face as she lifted her sunglasses, his chest constricted. He was looking into the prettiest and palest hazel eyes he had ever seen. They were flanked by thick black lashes that sent long shadows across her cheek when she blinked.

His tongue felt thick in his mouth. How do you talk to an angel? Because anything said from that point would definitely be a pick up line. “Are you alright?”

Her smile faltered then broadened “Yes fine. Thanks again for your help. I was lost in my thoughts and didn’t pay attention to where I was walking” Her voice had a lyrical quality to it.

He wasn’t ready to let her leave. “No problem, glad I was here”. She wiggled again and his eyes were drawn to the way she rolled her hips.

She dipped and picked up the bag lying on the curb. “Believe me I’m happy you were too.” She rose and squirmed again. “Well I better get this to the car, thanks again, asphalt burns and I don’t mix” Anjula threw the dress bag over her arm and swiveled around.

Jin Woo watched the way her backside twisted with every step as she headed toward the apple red muscle car. He wondered how she liked rug burns or maybe beard burns. Wow, one look at her and his mind was in the gutter and circling the drain fast.

“Hey” he yelled across the parking lot as he stepped off the curb and trotted toward her. She lifted her head and turned to face him. “Yes”.

“Nice car”

The side of her mouth rose in a half smile.

“I was wondering, hoping actually that maybe I could get a phone number.” He rushed through the rest of his sentence “I‘d like to check on you later perhaps over dinner. Make sure you didn’t suffer any trauma.” He was a dork, seriously. All the lines he could use rolling through his head and that was the best he could come up with?

“I don’t know.” She studied him for a moment that felt more like forever before rattling off numbers. “Call me, I’ll buy dinner. My way of saying thank you, again, for saving me from a traumatic experience. I’m Anjula Matthews.” She stuck her hand out from under the plastic bag.

He wanted to pump his fist in the air, and tapped down his excitement. Jin Woo repeated the numerals a few times. He gazed at her hand before taking her palm within his own. Her skin was silky smooth and he found himself rubbing her knuckles with his thumb. She tugged and he reluctantly released her fingers. “Choi Jin Woo.”

“It’s nice to meet you” And that quick he was dismissed as she turned around.

Jin Woo watched as she placed the dress bag across the back seat and did a little jig before straightening up. If she continued to shake her ass like it was a standing pudding, he would have a bad case of blue balls. He didn’t want her to think him a pervert and scare her off before he’d had a chance to get to know her. In desperation he closed his eyes and thought of the most disgusting sights he’d seen in his travels. His grandmother in her underwear, a shiver rippled down his spine. The crotch of his jeans weren’t as tight.

“Are you okay?” He opened his eyes to see concern on her face with her arched brows drawn together.

Jin Woo nodded. “Fine, thinking about a few things.”

“Oh well, Have a good day.” She climbed into the driver’s seat and tugged the door toward her

“Thanks again, I really do appreciate your help.” She pushed the button and the automobile roared to life.

He bent, gazing into her window. “I’ll call you and the pleasure was all mine.” Jin Woo straightened and backed away from the car. He watched her drive away until the tail lights disappeared into traffic.

He glanced over at the far end of the lot where his truck was parked and reached in his pocket for the keys as me strolled to his vehicle, Ms. Matthews would have been the perfect person to accompany him to the Chamber of Commerce Banquet. That is if he hadn’t told his cousin Bai Lin he would go on a blind date. He left that nonsense behind in Korea. How the hell did he get roped into these things? He stopped going on blind dates years ago when he put his foot down with his grandmother. American were different, there reason for going on blind dates weren’t the same as their Asian counterparts. Blind dates to his family was like searching for a suitable wife for him while here if your friend had to set you up it usually meant you couldn’t find a date on your won. He could only imagine what her friend looked like if Bai Lin had to find the woman a date to the event.

One date wouldn’t make or break him. In the meantime if he was lucky he might get a chance to add a little burn to the cutie that liked fast cars. Sitting in the truck cab, he repeated the numbers she’d spoken and pounded the steering wheel with his palm several times. Jin Woo couldn’t remember the last digit.


Anjula parked in her designated spot behind her office building. As a published child psychologist her practice stayed busy. For her clients convenience she required that her associates park in the rear lot to leave the street spots for her patients. Grace, her secretary, stood at the back door as she dug her keys from her purse. Mondays were her late days and her practice was open from three till nine. It was her way of making sure the working parents that could not get their children to see her during standard business hours were able too. Growing up with a single mom she understood their sacrifices. Grace held the door open and she moved over the threshold flicking the light switches as the entered the hallway.

One by one the florescent overheads illuminated the area casting a bright glow in the room. She moved through the rooms turning on the lights. Usually, she found her profession fulfilling but lately there was the distinct impression that she was missing something. Her goal since she was a teen was to help children. Recently she’d been wondering how nice it would be to have a child of her own.

She glanced in the mirror bolted to the wall of her office. In the past, she’d never had an urge for a family but recently that was all she could think about. At thirty-four there was still time to have children, to find a man that she could build a relationship with. She snorted. Her problem was she wasn’t sure if she wanted the man or just the children. Anjula shook her head. She didn’t have time to self-analyze her issues. Anjula checked her schedule, she was booked tight for the evening. Another glance at her image, maybe if she met the right man she would think differently. She nodded in affirmation before turning away. No matter what she decided whether to develop a relationship with a man and start a family or go it alone…who was she kidding nether situation would be easy.

For years she’d watched her mother, Sandra, settle for men out of loneliness and desperation. Bills would be due, utilities cut off, but those lazy sons of bitches her mom set up house with would lie on the couch and offer up nothing but excuses. Anjula exhaled as the memories of her childhood scrolled through her mind like a movie. She learned early she could do bad all by herself. After being so careful and waiting years to actually commit. William confirmed that sentiment.

Her fiancé William was with another woman when she caught him and she couldn’t really muster up the energy to be truly upset. Deep down, she expected the betrayal. All her life men had hurt her in one form or another so why would he be any different. The pain came from the knowledge of who he it was he was fucking. Truly, there wasn’t anything sacred in the world anymore. She dropped her bag on the oversized desk that dominated the room.

There was no reason to reflect on her failed relationship with William Archer. It was all water under the bridge now. She peered at the shelf clock she still had a few hours before the office would officially open and she promised her best friend Bai that she would meet her for lunch. Anjula picked up the files for the days scheduled patients and walked through the antechamber laying them in Grace’s inbox as she moved.

Her assistant strolled into the room with a mug cradled in her hands. Steam spiraled up from the cup. “Coffee’s ready.”

“No thanks. I’m having lunch with Bai. I’ve updated the notes on the first client and I am moving them to a payment plan. Could you change the records to reflect that?” She spoke over her shoulder as she trotted into her office to retrieve her purse. “I’ll return in an hour. Would you like anything?”

Grace shook smiled and shook her head as she sat at her desk. “Where you going?”

“The diner down the street from her practice.” Anjula stopped and waited for Grace’s answer.

“Nope, this is a short night. I’ll wait. Have a great lunch.” Grace waved her hand.

The sun was shining and a light breeze made the leaves on the oak tree next to the building sway. Storms had doused the area with large doses of rain and finally getting out was be great. It was a pleasant day to take a walk and the restaurant she was meeting Bai at was only a few blocks away. She slid her sunglasses over her eyes and hiked up her purse higher on her shoulder. Fresh air was what she needed to clear her head since pouring herself into her work wasn’t quite working.

There wasn’t anything she could do about her ex and his cheating ass so why was the break-up dominating her thoughts so much. His actions weren’t her fault and yet the failure hurt. She rubbed her fist against the center of her chest. Was there something wrong with her? No that wasn’t it. More than once he’d called her cold and told her she wasn’t good in bed. She pressed her lips together, it didn’t matter now. William was no longer part of her life. Briefly the image of Jin flashed in her mind and a smile blossomed on her mouth. She giggled out loud and other pedestrians glanced her way. Anjula covered her mouth with her hand. William might have issues with her but the guy from that morning certainly seemed interested.

Maybe he would call. She stopped in front of the diner she was meeting Bai at. Did she want him too? The metal handle was warm to the touch as she eased the glass door open. There was something wrong with her if she was anxious about something that hadn’t happened yet. Cold air blasted her face as she entered the restaurant and she shook off the chill. She twisted around searching for her friend in the occupied booths.

Bai was seated at the far end of the eatery. She sipped on her water and cocked a brow as Anjula approached her. “It’s about time you got here. I was about to call you.”

Anjula scooted across the bench seat opposite her friend and checked her watch. “Why? I’m not late. You’re early.”

“Whatever. We might have to lunch a little short. I have two bridges to do this afternoon.” Bai waggled her brows. “I love old people.”

“You’re demented.” She shook her head.

“What? Seriously, even with insurance I am going to make a mint on teeth replacement.” She took another sip of her water. “I am in demand, I got skills babe.”

“And I wondered if something was wrong with me?” Anjula pulled a menu from the rack on the edge of the table. “A short lunch is no problem I have caseloads coming out my ass today but I wanted to talk to you about the blind date. I’m really not comfortable going with a person I don’t know, especially since I’m the speaker of the evening.”

Bai rubbed her chin before setting it in her palm “And…Girl, you have got to get out of this funk you’re in. You broke it off with bad breath William eight months ago. It’s time to get out there and have some fun and lucky you I have a single cousin who is the perfect distraction to get you out the slump.”

Anjula wanted Bai to see her reasoning. “Don’t you think going on a blind date to a banquet makes me look a little desperate?”

Bai shrugged, dismissing Anjula’s concern. “Not really, who would know?”

“How about I know most of your family and I don’t remember ever meeting the cousin that you’re describing.” She tried a different approach. “I hope this isn’t one of your he’s known the family so long we might as well be related schemes.”

“Where’s your sense of adventure? You might miss something wonderful, he’s really a nice guy…super nice and he agreed to go on a blind date with you.” Bai pursed her lips. “There’s just one exception”

“Hell, I knew it.” Anjula narrowed her eyes. “That is?”

Bai shifted in her seat “We are distant cousins. Anyway, he’s my teacher you know since I started taking martial arts lessons last year and he might have a tiny record.”

Anjula put her menu down; she already knew what she wanted anyway. “Record as in criminal?” She went on the defensive. “Come on Bai, seriously, you set me up with a…”

“Not in this country.” A long sigh escaped her friend. “And it was a long time ago. He’s changed. Life is great for him. Frankly I was more concerned that you wouldn’t want to date him because he’s Korean.”

“Say again? I have no problem with other races.” Anjula leaned back in her seat. “That’s bullshit, how can you even think that. We have been friends for years.”

“You have never shown any interest outside of the -” Bai deepened her voice. “Strong hetero-sexual African-American male” Bai smiled “And if you want complete honesty I did not tell him you were black. I’m not sure if he dates outside of Korean women.” She exhaled. “But I have a good feeling about this.”

Anjula studied her friend. They’d been best friends for years, since college. She never realized that Bai thought of her in that manner. “First of all, I like men, all men, all nationalities. I just have a soft spot for a black man in his prime.” She switched gears. “Would that bother him, your cousin, that I‘m black?” She remained quiet this could be her out for the blind date disaster waiting to happen.

Bai laughed hard, her skin took on a pinkish hue as she gulped deep breathes. The server walked up to the table set a glass of water down in front of Anjula and pulled out her pad. Bai was still giggling. She held up a finger before picking up a napkin and patting her eyes. They gave the waitress their order.

When the attendant left, Bai tilted her head and held Anjula’s stare. “Do you really think I would do that to you? Until recently I didn’t know he was in town until his grandmother, my great aunt told me. We haven’t seen each other in years but he’s always been like a brother to me. I think the two of you could be good together. He’s super cute and fifth degree black belt with no kids. He owns a few dojo’s. Best of all, he’s straight and single. He’s just never dated outside his race either. At least I don’t think he has.”

Anjula stared at the worn mica tabletop and pondered how much harm one little date could be especially if it would get Park Bai Lin off her back. Her friend was small but she reminded Anjula of those tiny Chihuahua dogs always nipping at your heels. Right now it appeared Bai was pushing hard for her to go on this blind date. She would need to come up with another way for Bai to see reason.

The server brought their lunch and they ate in comfortable silence. Bai was worried about her. She also knew her bestie wasn’t unhappy about the break-up with William. More than once Bai had commented on the change in Anjula. She could admit the break up made her more of an introvert. It was the only way she knew how to lick her wounds and contemplate everything that happened between her, Evelyn and William. Bai was her best friend but the humiliation was more than she was ready to open up about.

Lunch was awesome and Bai picking up the tab was even better. She checked her calendar on her phone. Grace updated her schedule. Her first client was a little girl with dyslexia. After that she had a few clients, but after a couple cancellations, the night was lighter than she expected. “I’m heading back. I have a patient arriving in about forty minutes. Thanks for lunch.”

Bai laid cash and tip on the table. “Want me to give you a ride to your office?”

“No it’s a gorgeous day. I’ll walk.” She rose and skimmed her palm across her friends shoulder as she passed her. “See you later.” Her steps were lighter as she exited the restaurant. The sun’s rays warmed her skin after sitting in the cool, recycled air. She might actually get a chance to soak in a hot bath and finally hit that romance she had wanted to read by Kassanna. Her day was looking immensely better.


Anjula pulled into her garage and tapped the remote to lower the door behind her. Her cell buzzed followed by chimes. She glanced at the caller id, the number wasn’t familiar. Please don’t let it be some emergency. This was her first night in months that she was able to close on time and she really wanted to soak in a hot bath. The ringing continued. She stomped in place as she skimmed her finger across the screen. “Dr. Matthews.”

“Hey beautiful I was thinking about you and thought I would give you a call.” The deep baritone of William’s voice flowed through the ear piece.

She took the phone from her ear and stared at it for a minute. This was not a person she wanted to talk to. She tapped the speaker button. “What do you want William?”

His sigh whistled through the phone. “Anjula I have been thinking a lot about us lately. I was wondering if you would like to get together. We could have drinks maybe a little dinner?”

Anjula shook her head at the phone. “First, William there is no us. Second, why don’t you give Evelyn a call, I’m sure she would love to have dinner with you. Third, don’t call me again, we are over.” She tapped the end button to hang up. The phone rang again and she didn’t bother to check the ID she simply answered the phone. “William do you understand the saying no and hell no?”

“I do understand that but my name isn’t William.” There it was that cognac smooth, slightly accented voice.

“Hey! Sorry about that. I thought you were someone else.” Anjula beamed. Slow your roll sister. You just met the guy.

“I thought we might meet for coffee but I didn’t realize how late it was, I will call you tomorrow” Jin Woo paused. “Are you free sometime this week?”

Anjula bit the inside of her cheek. Why wait? Meeting at a public place couldn’t hurt. She wanted him to call or she wouldn’t have given him her number. Screw it, Bai was right she needed to be more adventurous. “Sounds great, I’m available now. Where would you like to meet for coffee?” She popped her hand against her forehead at her choice of words. Available, really? You sound eager.

“The coffee shop across from the shopping center where we met is open late. I can meet you in half hour?”

Warmth curled in her belly. She ended the call and hopped in place retracing her steps. Anjula hesitated at the door sucking in the cool night air. She was a grown woman for goodness sakes it wasn’t like she never met a man before.


Jin Woo trotted across the street and looked around for the sports car. He was walking into the café as she pulled in to a parking spot. He waited, honestly he just wanted to see her do that little wiggle again. She stepped on the curb to join him and he peered at her.

No sunglasses and he felt the full effect of her gaze on him. His cock stiffened. This was bad on so many levels if he was getting a hard on just from a look. “Hi” Jin Woo quickly waved.

“Hey” She grinned.

He opened the door for her and placed a hand at the small of her back to guide her in. They chose a small table at the back of the café. She wasn’t classically beautiful and looked nothing like the Korean women he usually dated. “Anjula, what would you like?” He enjoyed the way her name rolled off his tongue.

She shrugged. “Nothing, I just wanted to see if memory served me correctly” she shut her mouth with an audible snap.

Jin Woo leaned in close, invading her personal space. “Are you satisfied with your finding?”

She swayed closer, and inhaled. “Why yes it did but don’t let me stop you from getting what you want” she eased back and grinned like that Cheshire cat in a fairytale he once read.

“What do you think that might be?” His night was not going the way he expected and her interest excited him. English was his second language; he had to think before he spoke. He took the seat opposite her to give him more time to respond.

“Oh I don’t know what would you usually get when you go out late at night to meet someone?”

His smile turned mischievous. “I will say sex would not be unexpected. But I don’t believe you to be that easy. Am I wrong?”

She tilted her head and smirked “No your right.”

“Tell me then, if you could have anything tonight what would it be?” His heart rate sped up in anticipation of her answer.

“Anything?” She pursed her lips. “I’m going to need a little time to think about this.”

“Take all the time you need.” Their verbal sparring was making his erection hard enough to crack stone. He shifted in his seat and took her hand. Jin Woo flipped her palm side up and skimmed his fingertips along the lines indented in her skin. “Looks like you will have an amazing life.” He brought her hand to his mouth and brushed his lips against her knuckles.

“Are you a palm reader Choi Jin Woo?” She tugged her hand free

“No need to be so formal. No, but I am sure of my ability to satisfy a woman.” The waitress stepped up to their table.

Anjula’s smile deepened and she ducked her head. “I hear the coffee here is great.”

He looked up at the server. “Two coffee’s please.”

“Thank you, I always pas this place on my way to work but never actually stop.” She lifted her head.

She was captivating. That was it. “I come in all the time. A few of my student’s mothers work her. What do you do, Anjula?

“I’m a child psychologist I have a small practice on Main and you? You mentioned students, are you a teacher of some kind? What do you teach?

“I teach martial arts at Choi’s Academy for Martial Arts.”

“Choi’s?” Realization lit up her eyes. “Choi Jin Woo. “Those studios are yours.”

He chuckled. “Most American’s don’t realize we say our surname first”

“My best friend is Korean. Everything I learned about Korean culture I learned from her.

“Interesting. Please tell me more about you.” The attendant set their drinks down in front of them and moved on to the customers a couple of tables away. He nodded his thanks.

Anjula told him about her practice. She told him about her pro bono work with underprivileged children. They talked about likes and dislikes, their enjoyment of the outdoors and open markets. At one AM their waitress asked them to leave. It was already fifteen minutes past closing and the chairs had been put up, floors had been mopped. Another man clutching an apron in his fist waited at the entrance. Jin Woo stood between her and the stranger as they left. Outside they stopped at her car. Anjula rested against the driver’s side. Jin Woo propped himself against the front panel, close enough to touch.

He ran his fingers down her cheek “I would like to see you again”

She lifted he chin. “Call me and maybe we can get together.”

“I would like to take you out for a proper date.” He dropped his hand.

“Didn’t we just have one?” One corner of her mouth lifted in a half smile.

“Okay a longer one then.” Jin Woo switched gears, easing closer. His mouth was inches from hers. “I want to kiss you” He whispered. Softly he placed his lips against hers with just the slightest pressure and touched nothing but her mouth. He traced his tongue along the seam of her mouth. She opened for him, slipping her tongue past his teeth. Fresh cream and a hint of sweetness burst across his taste buds. He pulled away, tugging her bottom lip between his teeth before breaking off the kiss. Jin Woo sighed against her mouth. If he continued there was no way he would be able to stop touching her. His heart beat so quickly h could the thump in his ears. He gripped her shoulders and pulled her away from the vehicle. “You need to go home.”

She gazed up at him with wide eyes and touched her lips.

“Call me when you get there.” He opened her door and urged her in before trotting past the car and crossing the street. Jinn Woo dug the cell out his pocket. He scrolled through his log and tapped her number. Shrill rings filled the ear piece.


He peered at her through the windshield. “I wanted to make sure my number was the first on your list.”


“Drive safe.”

“Alright.” She pulled onto the empty lane.

“Don’t forget to call me when you get home.” He wasn’t ready for the night to end.

“I won’t. Goodnight.”

He pressed the end button and stuffed the phone into his pocket before jumping into his own vehicle and driving home. His cell rang as he parked in his garage. He checked the ID before sliding his finger across the screen.

“I’m home.” Her soft voice sent tremors of awareness skittering down his spine.

“Sleep well.”

“Thank you, talk to you later.”

He checked his watch. “Why wait, it’s already tomorrow.” He chuckled.



New release – Mother Lovers, An anthology for women everywhere

Friday I released a short in anthology (Mother Lovers) with RaeLynn Blue Jeanie Jonson and Jayha Leigh. My story is Dick and Dirty. I have a follow up story (Maybe Baby) dropping in June  in Dad to the Bone also with RaeLynn Blue and Jeanine and Jayha.


Dick N Dirty – By Kassanna
As a police officer Richard “Dick” Livingston responded to a call and handled the situation. Problem was he couldn’t get the image of the sexy perpetrator out of his head. His visceral reaction to her made him want to find out more about her…find Dirty. And once he did, he couldn’t walk away from her.
Indiana “Dirty” Mixon, had her reasons for trying to beat the hell out of her brother with a bat. What she didn’t expect was to find the arresting officer, Dick, in her tattoo shop asking to inked. She didn’t have time to care, she had bigger problems to solve because of him. Perhaps if they met under different circumstances…He wouldn’t leave her alone but did she really want him too?


Fury Delayed for Prowl.

Hello friends,

I am in my final push to finish Prowl for release this month. Wrote the Epilogue but I still want/need to go over it one more time before I send it to my editor. Fury will resume this coming Sunday with Chapter Five. In the meantime here is a rough/unedited blurb for Prowl.

Prowl (Pride Riders #3)

Aristotle Kuhn is the pride’s prankster and tech person. One by one, he has watched his brothers fall prey to the the chaos that’s comes with finding a mate. Broken down to their most primal instincts, he wants nothing to do with a mating. But, he isn’t given a choice. On a routine assignment, he meets the woman meant only for him…and will chase her down no matter the consequences

Only she wants nothing to do with him or shifters in general.

Bane is a thief, a damn good one. She was contracted or a simple job. Get in and get out, only she never expected to run into a cheetah disguised as a man. Or how is appearance would change her life.