Pack Rulez Series


Rhys Blaidd is Alpha to the Volkshire Pack. He and his people have kept to the fringes of the shifter world, his clan a pack of sentinels, known as war wolves. When an attempt to kidnap his son pulls him back into the politics of the wolf packs, hard decisions are made.

Fre Niles is a stripper that saved a puppy from an irresponsible owner. Her one kind act has now thrust her into the shadowy world of shifters and thrown her between two rival wolf packs.

Protecting his people is paramount but one whiff of Fre’s scent and a taste of her body… To keep her he may have to start a war.

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K_Kuma_453x680Boris “Kuma” Blaidd was supposed to be Alpha of Volkshire. Instead he passed that mantel on to his brother and went looking for adventure as a sentential. He only came home at the request of his family to protect his nephew.

He never wanted a mate and didn’t expect to find her. Especially since she comes in a sexy, albeit skittish, package and has had her car trunk retrofitted to keep a cache of weapons. Boris knows who she is and what he must do. He simply has to take a stroll through hell to accomplish the feat.

Nix’s life has never been easy, but she has made it work one way or another. The only person she has ever truly trusted called her and she came guns drawn. Only she never expected to stay. She definitely didn’t expect to meet a hot bear disguised as a man who counters her every move with one of his own. Boris doesn’t play fair, making her want things she knows can never be. Now she wonders can they?

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K_Fangs_200x300Coming Soon!  Myka’s Story!

32 thoughts on “Pack Rulez Series

  1. Thank you Kassanna for your wonderful stories and sharing your greatest story with us (A Christmas for Hope). I enjoyed meeting you in Atlanta yesterday and I will cherish the poster you gave me. You Rock!!!! OMG, waiting for Fangs and Stoned Guardian will be slow torture for me but after your ear-gasm yesterday, I know it’ll be worth it. Keep going; this blonde has your back. Love Kay.

  2. Kassana you are one hell of a writer, The first book of yours that I read was sexual healing and I was hooked. Wanted to know if you are going to release “Shifters Legends Book One” and “Pack Rulez ” for kindle.

    • Hi Vickie,

      They are already on Kindle. Shifter Legends is Rogue Dragon and Stone Guardian combined and Pack Rulez is Scar, Kuma and Fangs combined. Thanks for contacting me I love hearing from readers. 🙂

  3. Hello… You are by far one of my fav authors… Pack Rulez is amazing and my new guilty pleasure… Thank you for that I was wondering what the next book will be after hiss.. I tried to go to your website @ flavorfulloflove, but everytime I try it tells me the site does not exsist. Where do I need to go?

  4. Hi Kassanna;

    I was wondering when Evian’s story will be released? And can you give me an idea of whom his mate will be (please??)? Thank you for the Pack Rulesz series; it’s awesome. I’m undecided as to who my favorite chic is in this series: Nix or Tee. I have a thoery that Nix descended from shifters because the chick does move like a feline. Anyways, love all your books and I look forward to reading many more from you. Enjoy your Thanksgiving. Love Kay

    • Hey Kay.
      I will reveal who Eivans mate is in the next release PACK that will be coming out right before Christmas. Not quite sure when he will have a book yet though. Deuce is actually the one talking to me at the moment. Have a fantastic holiday yourself. As for heroines I’m leaning toward Kiele. 🙂

  5. Hi Kassanna- curious as to when Loubel & Kiele get their story and why he hasn’t stepped up in Dardel’s life yet? Will Roar be staying longer in Volkshire and where can his mate be found? And why didn’t Colin trust his sons with Roar? I know, so many spoilers & questions. Holding on until you tell me otherwise. BTW, Kiele beat out both Nix & Tee for top female bad-ass. Hence, I need to know the rest of her story. Love ya 🙂

    • Hi, Heat will be out sometime this Summer which is the 7th boo in the Pack Rulez Series. Primal will e released at the end of March. I had to push it back because Defiant Dragon will be release on 2/21. Thank you so much for your readership and for contacting me. I love hearing from readers :). Have a great day.

  6. Hello Kassanna I am new to this site, I visit your other site every week looking for new books to read. I just purchased Primal today – I just can’t wait until little Darcel get his christmas wish and I hope there is a future story for Keen and Karma that would be an hilarious development. Please keep your books coming. Have an awesome day.

  7. Hello Kassanna i have purchased Primal love it. I read the pack and was looking for the next chapter i would like to know if tee had her baby and the rest of her friends, also what happened to their new brother.

  8. Prowl of the Pride Riders, I am trying to get it released this month. Pack had bak to back releases in the winter. After Prowl I plan to release Shifter Legends Chaos and Treachery. 🙂

  9. Now this series right here…I made an excel spreadsheet to keep the books in order. I have not missed not one and I mean not one release in this series. Each book gets better and better. Your work is AWESOME.

  10. I see you have two other books that I have not read or seven and eight that I can not by available on eBook Misere and Omega. I would love to read them before Roar.

  11. Please don’t take so long to finish the pack rulez series I am so excited about these books, The only things is that you keep me hanging for months lol.

  12. When will you continue the series? This is the 3rd series that I’ve followed where the author doesn’t continue, or it’s been a while since an update.

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