A brief chat with Syria. Meet the Madame of Erotes.

Sc Fb cover

*Syria enters a room and all heads turn to watch her, man- woman – it doesn’t matter a persons gender She is THAT woman. her commanding presence won’t let you look away. Clothed in a black body suit and zebra print long jacket. The hem of her coat brushes her calves in a hypnotizing sway of movement from the sashay of her hips. Large gold hoops brush her collarbone and her hair in pulled back in a tight ponytail. The strands sliding across her shoulder as she twists her head. Her face a mask of indifference her crimson coated lips a compliment to her umber hued skin tone. She stops at my table and with a brief nod takes a seat. We are just two of a few women – of color – in the country club.

I go straight to the point. The interview. But before we get started. “Would you like a drink?”

Syria gazed at me through unfathomable dark eyes. Hell, if I was a lesbian I would pay her to sleep in her bed. She exhaled before she spoke. “A mimosa – – Please.”

A wave of her hand and a waiter appears. We order. It’s time to get down to business. “Syria. I realize your busy but I had to know. Are you and Nate official yet?

A brief, husky chuckle erupted through her lips. “Something like that. We are a work in progress.” A slow smile brightened her face. She went from beautiful to stunning. “He is absolutely amazing in bed though.” She shrugged. “I’m a fool.”

“Why?” The question crossed my lips before I thought about it.

“Nate is – well – he can be a handful. We butt heads quite often but it makes for -umm- interesting relations.”

The drinks arrive. The waiter hovers. Syria peers over at him with an arched brow. “We aren’t quite ready to order.”

The younger server smiles and places a slip of paper beside her glass. Syria flipped it over and glanced down before discreetly placing it in her purse. She nodded and he turned away navigating his way through the tables.

My curiosity got the best of me. “What was that about?”

Syria returned her gaze to me. I can see why Nate is like a pitbull with a bone when it comes to his Syria. “The waiter offered me his number. I will call him but all I can give him is a job. A nice body with a pretty face, Erotes members will eat him up.”

“Since you bring up the club, I have to ask. Can I get a membership?”

“You are welcome to visit. I’ll put you on our list as my guest for an honorary twenty-four hour pass. Actual membership is rather pricey.” Syria presses her lips together.

“Can I attend Sexival?”

Syria cocked her head. “If you know anything about Sexival then its time to layoff a few employees.”

“Okay let’s change the subject.” Time to move on. I check my notes… Get the complete interview here.

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