Time matters – make the most of it.

I love a good book. That’s something most voracious readers have in common. As life gets busier…work, home, family, it gets hard to take the time to let my mind get away. I used to read the short stories in magazine – you know – back in the day. With digital devices I find myself passing the magazine rack. So what do I read for those short periods of free time when I may be waiting for my kid after a practice or that hour lunch time when I really need to let my mind drift.

Short stories.

A couple hours, a complete story. My urge is satiated and I got a quick vacation – LOL – at least in my head. Every now and then I tend to write one. A short story that is, and like reading it, it is my quick get away.

What happens when you take an unexpected road trip? Take a weekend trip with Moya and find out. 🙂  And meet her friends Wren and Sunny. After all, what’s a trip without friends.


5 thoughts on “Time matters – make the most of it.

  1. I’ve just read Redemption in the Crossroads book. I loved it. I know this story is not finished. Will this story continue into Matos storyline.

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