Christmas is a week away…

Hey friends.

I don’t know how it happened but Christmas is just around the corner and I haven’t got half my shopping done. I mean, seriously, where did the time go? Its liked I blinked and BAM its the holidays.

Today I have quite a few things to talk about.  All book related, haha! And mostly about my books – cause yeah. *Big Smile* So lets get started.

First  – There is a book special. Good until 12/26. Pre-Order Crossroads for 99 pennies and get 6 – yes you read right – 6 free Christmas books. All you have to do is send me proof of purchase to and I will send you the links to all 6 books. Its that easy. Here is the buy link – Crossroads – You can’t beat this deal. Buy Crossroads for someone and keep the 6 books for your self. #IJS #Crossroads #Christmas

promo card

Now – let’s talk new releases.

I don’t know about y’all but 2018 was a hard year for me – like super hard. You know the kind of year that makes you want to curl up and hide with hopes that things will get better if you just wait it out – hard. Let me tell you. I tried that. It didn’t work.  Actually, it backfired and I am behind on so many books I planned on releasing this year. *Long exhale* I did finish a couple of book and Lord knows I am trying to get back to where I was but as my grandma would say. Nothing worth having is ever easy.

That said I finished the next book in the 7 Day series. My Seoul. I truly hope you love it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

No good deed goes unpunished…
Waheeda Lexington, made a wrong turn and found herself lost in the city of Seoul, Korea. Compelled to help a woman being attacked she now has become the target for a serial killer. With nowhere to go she must depend on a detective to protect her.
A promise kept.
So Tae Ho, Sargent of Team Two’s Violent Crime Unit, is tasked with keeping a witness safe. The only person to ever see the face of the serial killer plaguing the city. His plan is to hide her in plain sight as his wife.
What could go wrong? Nothing, until you mix family with a killer and sprinkle in work complications…
They have seven days.

MySeoul3Amazon B&N Smashwords

And finally…My gift to you. A totally FREE READ. Thank you for sticking with me through this tumultuous year. I wish us great and wonderful thing for 2019. The Christmas Sweater will release on Christmas Eve but you have to stay tuned to my Social Media to receive the link.

Sometimes the ugliest things can be the most wonderful gifts…


As always my friends it’s been great chatting with you. And I will see you again later…remember I will be posting the link for The Christmas Sweater on my media sites. Follow me if you can. Thanks again for sticking with me through all things…and if we miss each other before the New Year. Have a fantastic one.


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