Home isn’t always where the heart is…

Welcome to Sugar Land.

Meet Bey and Jake.

Two people from two different worlds find themselves in an attraction that can’t happen. They shouldn’t have anything in common. Still, their weaknesses become each other’s strengths to overcome painful life lessons.

Young love can be complicated. Sometimes even real love can’t withstand harsh realities.


Soo I got to thinking – scary I know. Grab a glass and drink with me.  Sugar Land, this is my story to tell. I’ll just start somewhere.

My grandmother was crazy AF. I mean batshit was a tame way to describe her. – Sorry – Anyway my family (I use the word loosely) has some GTFOH secrets. You know the ones the elders in your family whisper about and snap their moths shut when someone under 55 walks into the room. Those black marks that most black families hate to admit might exist. YEAH those. So looking back after ruminating for sometime things got really clear in a moment of true epiphany.

Its because Clara B. Blue was 7 sociopaths, psychopaths, take your pick rolled into one. Most that bullshit never happened to me and although I don’t think appreciated her – fear would be more applicable – I gotta thank her, hell if I had some Wild Turkey I would pour her a couple shots and have a long talk with her because things are so much more clearer as I get older.

Growing up the bullshit, when your a child its your world. Seeing these people, I’m kinda glad I was never fully integrated into that fold and I believe I have Clara to thank for that. I was really hurt then, but damn I thank God for you now.

I tapped into a lot of those feelings when I was writing Sugar Land – the secrets well I’ll take them to my grave but all in all I am not as fucked up as I probably would be and that is saying something. Sugar Land is with the editor because I don’t want the bullshit troll reviews that seem to follow me around on occasion. In my heart I know Sugar Land is clean. The first time she (Barb Wilson) read it – this is what she sent me.

-You wrote a vivid, compelling narrative with some deep POV that ripped my heart out and danced on it.-

I thank her for ensuring – of course there will be someone, there always is – the best damn dramady, romance I like to think I have written, will be clean as humanly possible. Why? Not just because I wrote it but because I truly wrote it from the heart and soul.

I promised my mother I wouldn’t publish it until after she died. I may never tell the secrets but readers are about to get a whole lot of characters based on folks that are related to me if not by blood then by marriage. I now have a whole bunch of fucked up people too talk about. Whew. I needed to say this even its only on social media in the late night as I kill this bottle of wine.

Sugar Land is something of a reckoning for me. Let the fun begin…the anger, confusion, pain, resentment and finally freedom is represents in a multitude of was with a plethora of characters. I’m not sure any reader will be able to walk away with out relating to at least one of them. Good or bad, love or hate. I don’t don’t doubt Sugar Land will affect you. And as a writer that brings me joy.

Enjoy, KassannaSUGAR LAND2

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