All Hail the Queens!

What happens when four friends by a motel and casino. It was a dream turned to reality turned into a nightmare. Subject to a con of epic proportions the hotel they thought they bought turned into a money pit that they couldn’t escape.

Money is tight, renovations are costly, and no matter what they did or how they approached the problem. Shit just keeps going wrong. Meet the four ladies of The Players Club. Check out their stories.


Meet Dreadful Remington –

A gifted Blackjack player, she nickname though has nothing to do with cards. To come up with the funds to purchase her share of the Gulf Stream Motel and Casino she borrowed the monies from one of the biggest gang leaders this side of the Mason/Dixon line, Bao Barnaby LaCroix. A Vietnamese Cajun he headed the Dixie Mafia and he required repayment. He didn’t want money.

She wasn’t ready…He isn’t waiting.

Meet them both in Queen of Clubs.

Available in Smashwords, Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

players club


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