Is time fluid? Can lost love be found again and again?

I was watching an old Erika Badu – Next Lifetime – and I was struck by the premise of what if. Suppose there was no good ending to every reincarnation? Would you meet your soulmate again to correct a wrong? In that instant Timeless was born.

I found out a little something, something too, historical research is hard. I got much respect for those authors that choose to write historical romance. It took a minute to get everything right but when I finally did. Whoo boy. Augustus and Zakiya are amazing characters and I am so thankful they choose me to tell their story.

I mentioned the idea to a few other authors, Marteeka Karland and Shara Azod. The three of us put our heads together and Time After Time the series was created.

Three different authors with three totally different books all birthed from the same idea. Originally set during the Roman Invasion of Africa they reconnect in the US in the present. The history between Augutus and Zakiya is deep. Here is a little more about mine.

He will never lose her again…
August Arnati dreams in vivid color of a woman he has never met. Death and destruction dog their steps in his dreams. A fate, he doesn’t know how to change. His soulmate, her image drives him. Always. When he finds her. He will never let her go.
Kiya Zaghloul can’t shake the imagery that fills her mind. Emotions she has never felt in reality, flood her fantasy world. Her worlds collide when she meets the man that plagues her dreams.
His approach – A cheesy pickup line.
Her decision will set in motion a fate they should have shared the first time.

And don’t forget to check out the other two books by some truly gifted authors. Thanks for visiting with me.


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