Going to bed will never be the same.

Remember lying in bed? You were young, a child, warm, snuggled up under thick covers. A small lamp on the night stand bathes your bed in a soft, reassuring glow.  Beside is your mother, or father, perhaps its your grandmother’s turn to read you a story. She pulls out a thick volume. The cover is brightly covered with animals, princes and princesses on the cover…

Who am I kidding? These ain’t no sweet ass fairy tales. They are twisted AF…hence the series name –

F’d Up Fairy Tales.

Although those saccharine, achingly, sweet stories  were the bases for these books I can promise you – grandma wouldn’t be reading them to you. You might want to settle in, grown folks style. Get under those covers with a toy or two and hunker down cause I’m not sure if your ready for this ride.

Check them out – https://ursulasinclair.wordpress.com/fupfairytales/

Yeah baby (in my best Austin Powers voice) I’m not sure if y’all are ready but these books are loaded and waiting.

Red is my take on Red Riding Hood – Yeah, no, its nothing like that story. Somehow I veered into some serious family drama and hot sex – well you gotta read it. In my world though, its not a bad thing to be a Wolf. Ha, ha!

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