Baddest Man Around

Hello Nurse…and Doctors…

My ode to Pinky and the Brain. LOL or was it the Animaniacs? I know I am showing my age.  But who didn’t like the siblings from hell or a mouse that wanted to take over the world? If I think about it I can still hear the theme songs. And this has nothing to do with my subject it was just a random thought.

Speaking of which – yeah my thoughts are all over the place but Infinity has a commercial I find panty dropping sexy. The guy is in a suit and he turns up the radio blasting –I’m the baddest man around – Yes, Lawd but he is smexy. Bobbing his head and mouthing the words. He pulls up and gazes out the window smiling. And who comes around the corner but some teenage girls waving and exclaiming – Hi Dad – That sexy man was all about family from the beginning.

Anywho, this leads me to my latest release. A short story titled One More Run. The hero is so low key I didn’t realize he was a hero. Zeke quietly handles his business. He’s the type you never see coming. Through the course of the book I slowly realized this a bad mutha- shut my mouth. My heroine is kick-ass but I have explained how I write them before however I have never written an understated hero. I will definitely be writing one again.

Check out the blurb –

Cherish “Roc” Greene did her time. She walked out of jail with the intent of joining her family and starting a new life. Her reality was completely different from dream. her daughter was in the hands of human traffickers and her grandfather had tried to save her child. They were both in trouble and it was up to Roc to come to the rescue.
And the only person that could help her was the man that betrayed her.
Zeke Hansen did what he had to do even if that meant making tough choices to ensure his family’s survival. Including letting his lover go to jail. Now, Roc was in trouble and he needed to set things right. If she would let him. Despite all that they had been through he still loved her and it was time to make her realize that. Even if it cost him his freedom…even if it cost him his life.

Here is the link. Let me know what you think.


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