I want – no – need to say this…

Hey Friends,

I reserve this site to talk about books mine mostly and authors friends sometimes. Reading and writing takes me away from a sometimes painful reality. Politics is not something I discuss. Everyone has their own views and no matter how I feel I can respect that. But, the climate lately  is concerning to me. I deal with most ish by writing it out and this is no different, so here goes.

I’m going to throw this out there and stop reading me, disown me (for those family members that voted for 45) block me from social media But these are my feelings and since this is my forum.

We are going to lose healthcare coverage. That is a forgone conclusion. 45 was put into office because some were to damn lazy to get up and vote while others were pissed because their candidate didn’t get into the final run-off.

Democrats like to use minorities to further their agendas like any politician. No party is perfect because we don’t hold them accountable. But in my hearts of hearts I believe the Democratic party is probably the best option we have at the moment.

That said. Republicans basically own our asses because they do control a majority of the government -right now – so they can do what they like for their agenda leaving those of us in the lower and middle class to suffer because
1. We aren’t white
2. We aren’t rich and
3. Most of us aren’t old men.

Instead of standing together and hashing out our parties difference later. As my grandma used to say we put our business in the streets and divided our party. Republicans aren’t stupid they took advantage of our division and guess what. They united to put an orangutan in office. The zoo keepers aren’t in charge any more. Its more like the monkeys got all the keys to the cages.

But I digress.

To my original point – With the repeal of ACA no one is safe even those who have healthcare through employers. Honestly, most will probably lose the health care they have. It will be a painful, nauseating process giving some of us a death note because without insurance we can’t get the medicine, surgeries, help, needed to live. But this is what some American’s wanted. Maya Angelou said when someone shows you who they are believe them. 45 told you what he would do, that, I believe was the one honest thing he said during his candidacy. So don’t cry now about how any of this wasn’t expected. To quote my mama. “Bi&ch Please.”

This will be a humbling couple of years and maybe, Slapping my palms together and praying HARD, we can get our act together to take back Congress and the Representatives. Until then…well all we can do is wait and fight each battle as it comes. And for those of you that voted for 45 – I’m going to quote grandma again. “Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.”

I have no pity for those that support hatred, and inequality. That train left the station on January, 20, 2017. I realize that in some of your eyes 45 can do no wrong which is why I’m going to sit back and sip my liquor laced tea because getting through the next four years will take herculean effort on the part of many of us. But let me remind you. He who laughs last…laughs first. And when karma comes to bite several folks in the ass I want to be rocking in my chair with my eyes wide open.

I will go back to our stand programming and post books cause yeah, they are my Valium. Later Gator.


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