Life is filled with – What if’s…

While writing one book I had a dream about another. Now, I’m not sure if it was the influence of the ID channel because I prefer the thrill of detective shows and who dun it’s while writingn or if I was suddenly channeling another character out of the blue. Regardless, Francois Allurd had a hold of me and he wasn’t about to let go until I told his story. I wasn’t sure about the tale he spun but I decided to write it out and let the words take me where they wanted to go. I gotta say I found the story intriguing.  Death, survivors remorse, a haunting and it was all tied together by the love of two men for one woman.

In the end can a man give up everything including his life because of the guilt cause by the loss of another and can love bridge that abyss to keep him grounded to this world?

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