Its the most wonderful time of the year…Merry Christmas!

It took over 300 days but we got here, unscathed mostly.  2016 has not been an easy year, regardless, Christmas is just that Christmas and there is no dismissing the sheer joy of the holiday. Every year I write a story to celebrate the holiday season.  This year I wanted to focus on the funny. How relationships can make you laugh and Jingle Bells was born. Originally the title was Jingle Balls but I was talked out of that name, some folks didn’t find it as entertaining as I did. I took my inspiration from various family interactions and added in a sprinkle of  angst. Let’s face it, every family has their issues but when you meet the one person that can dim those family problems and be a shelter in the storm, well, that can be an unexpected gift.

Meet Essie, Elias and Emun and take the roller coaster ride that happens when a little white lie becomes one whale of a whopper mis-truth. Sometimes the deception of love can become the real thing.


Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

4 thoughts on “Its the most wonderful time of the year…Merry Christmas!

    • I am re-releasing all the books – 1 a week so was soon as I get it up on sites I will shoot you an email. This is one of my favorite, thanks for supporting this series. 🙂

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