Sex sells…maybe renting is better. Isn’t that illegal?

Hi! Kassanna is allowing me to hijack her blog and I have no idea what to write or if folks would even be interested in what I have to say. But – here goes.

I wrote a book.

A lot of people have asked me – Is it good? Well yeah, of course I’m biased but with some help from really great authors like Kassanna, Renee Micheal, Phoenix Daniels and AncelliI, believe I have produced the very best to I could.

This book was birthed from one of my deepest fantasies and I publicly admit I am a freak but hey we all have our vices. The heroine is my alter ego (I wish) She totally accepts who she is and is never apologetic about it. While the hero is a tad narcissistic – at least he is working on that fault. Together they make was hell of an explosive couple because when he makes up his mind it is absolute and although she has never given in to anyone before…look at me I’m so excited about my release I am giving the plot away.

So yes I am a new author. Yes, this is my first book and let me tell you this I put everything I had into Sinners Circle because giving no less than my best is not an option to me. I truly hope you enjoy the story – this couple is my favorite ❤ probably because they are my first but definitely not my last.


Blurb –

A simple job.
Write an expose about a club – Erotes

Tasked with the assignment, Nate Macalister found a way into the hottest venue on the East Coast. His cover is too good. He’s selected to be a member of the more exclusive Sinner’s Circle where he meets her…

Syria Baz is club Madame. Erotes is fun but in Sinner’s Circle anything goes. Sex is just another form of entertainment until a new member blows her mind.

He has a job to do and she has a secret.
To expose her would leave her vulnerable. At the risk of losing everything important to him he chooses to protect her.

To sin is human…to forgive is divine.
***Warning – Explicit Sex Scenes****

Sinners Circle

Link –

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