Asian Persuasion is out! Both the Beginning and the Ending


It took me a while to between releases. I know and I’m sorry.  The Ending is a continuation of the The Beginning. I would like to add something though – I didn’t rush the book at least I don’t believe I did. Some characters failed o make it into the Epilogue because they no longer mattered to Choi Jin Woo or Anjula. Some folks may not understand this so let me clarify. I write the story the characters tell me. I don’t plot or plan any book. What I do is sit down at my laptop, close my eyes and pray what the characters say will make sense. In that aspect, thank God for crit partners and editors. I adore my characters and I end stories when they stop talking to me.

That being said if they resume conversations – ah hell yeah – I will continue on where we left off. The voices in my head and I have a beautiful relationship that I am thankful for.

So, getting back to AP. I can honestly say I didn’t expect the villain to be who it was and that did catch me off guard. I also didn’t expect secondary characters to claim so much interest. I also want to add that Chairman Choi was by far my favorite character. Anyway I”l let you judge for yourselves. I hope you enjoy the book. 🙂 Oh and I suggest you start with the beginning.


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