I fight with words. – Flora/Bama Line excerpt.

I was working on one thing (Asian Persuasion, which will release this month.) and got distracted by the characters of another story…So here goes a excerpt from Flora/Bama Line. Racial tensions I’m witnessing  from the election coverage prompted this particular scene. Earlier today on social media I saw a video of a girl getting booted from a Trump Rally in KY. Those men did nothing to protect that woman and the comments that she deserved to be pushed and shoved for daring to attend the event…for some reason I felt I had to right that in my own way. There are good and bad in every race but I am truly fearful that the good will get trampled as the bad prevail. Anyway this is my two cents enjoy the snippet. This book will release after AP. Happy Wednesday.


Dyson swung his line out into the water. The red stripped bobbin dipped then floated on the glass like lakes surface. he stared out into the tree line watching the tops of the scrub pine sway. Alone with his thoughts all he could think about was a cute little photographer with a foul mouth. He snorted, she wasn’t exactly little but hell, she was smaller than him.

Dyson sucked air through his teeth, a couple of catfish would be great, There was till some shrimp in the freezer from his daddy’s last trip to the coast. Some catfish coubion over rice…his mouth watered at the thought. He took a deep breath, leaned back in his chair and shut his eyes. This was the life.

Engines roaring maybe him sit up, searching for the source of the noise. Two four wheeler’s barreled toward the dock, his cousins, David and Solomon whooping and hollering as they road.

Dirt and gravel kicked up as they abruptly stopped. The guys glanced around before waving at Dyson. They gave each other high fives before getting off the vehicles. Dyson shook his head, his patience was thin when the twin idiots were around.

“Hey cousin! You vote?” Solomon yelled as she stomped down the deck.

“He probably voted for them liberals.” David answered loudly lose on his brothers heels. “Ole Dyson has always been a little different, look how he treats that black girl…the one that takes all those pictures.”

They stopped in next to Dyson, shading him from the suns rays. Their references to Miranda sent a sliver of anger coursing along his nerves. He removed his baseball cap and scrubbed his scalp with is fingers. “Leave you scarring my dinner away.” He didn’t bother looking their way.

“Cousin if you ain’t voted you need to mama said we need to make America great again.” David squatted.

“America is already great you blockhead. I wouldn’t have given up eight years of my life for it if it wasn’t.” Dyson set the pole in the metal holder bolted to the dock’s edge. “You boys are all talk. I didn’t see either of you enroll to serve our county and as granny likes to say charity begins at home.”

“You just making excuses cause you like them – umm- minorities that are taking over our country.” Solomon snickered. “We’d have more if they didn’t take it all.”

“More of what?” Dyson sighed. They weren’t leaving and if they kept talking their asses would ed up swimming today cause he would be the one shoving them in the water. “You two never aspired to do better than a high school education and you work for my mama. Exactly who took what? From where I’m sitting you don’t have a damn thing worth taking.”

“You like a black woman.” David sputtered.

“That’s the best retort you can come up with? I need to ask granny if she’s sure Aunt Katrina didn’t marry a distant cousin. For the record your named after black men.” That should send them on their way. They would have questions for their mama which would save him from having to pull them out of the lake after pushing them in.

“That is not true. We are named from great men in the bible!’ David stood.

Solomon nodded vigorously. “That’s right!”

“Those men were in Egypt and I ain’t never seen no fair skinned blued man come from Egypt.” Dyson shook his head. “Do you even know where Egypt is?”

Solomon brows rose up on his forehead. “Yes.”

“Where?” Dyson pressed hi lips together to keep from smiling. He shouldn’t laugh but how could his aunt be so damn different from his daddy.

“Umm.’ David peered at Solomon.

Dyson rose. He left his cooler in the truck and suddenly he was thirsty. “Start with the Bible then read everything you can get you hands on. That way you may make an educated decision.” He pushed past his cousin sending David stumbling into the water. Dyson stared at Solomon until the younger man lowered his head. “And fish your brother out of the water.”

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