Who doesn’t want a bad boy…

The Bad Boys of Boston are here!

They survived the hellish upbringing at the hands of their father. Cruel, mean, their only concern is each other and have no fucks left to give until…

Meet the O’Shea Brothers



Kieran – By Kassanna
People call me crazy…how can the devil’s son be sane? Ruthless, merciless- psychopath, I revel in the fear I inspire. Those who stood against us will pay. I have always watched out for my brothers, their pain is my pain. Nothing will ever stop my vengeance. Look into my eyes and know it’s already too late. I know who I am and what I want – I don’t ask for anything. I will just take it and once claimed, I dare anyone to come at me…I am Kieran O’Shea and hell is my playground.


Shannon – By Shara Azod
My likes are fuck you, what the fuck you want to know for, and just using the word “fuck”. My hobbies are fighting, fucking, and kicking ass. I never wanted friends. Women? I enjoy them if I’m not busy. I have my brothers and they’re all I need. If you think to test me, regret will be the last emotion you’ll feel. Fear me. Hate me. But you will respect me. Anything else may get you killed…The name is Shannon O’Shea and I’m the last man you ever want for an enemy.


Fionn – Marteeka Karland
Ice fills my soul. Nothing matters to me but my brothers. I’d kill for them. Every death chips away at the hint of humanity still clinging to me. And when the day comes to pay for my misdeeds… I don’t think about that….Until then I will bask in my transgressions allowing the passion of my chaos to keep me warm. I’m the thing you fear when darkness surrounds you. If you’re in my crosshairs, you’re as good as dead. My other name is death, I am Fionn O’Shea. I’ll bring your pain. I am your suffering.


Conall – Reana Malori
I’m a wolf in sheep’s clothing hiding in plain sight. My dual nature allows me to walk in two worlds. I take every opportunity to play on the dark side. The world is my stage and the people my prey. Always on the hunt, I’m the one you don’t expect until it’s too late and my 9mm is at your temple. Darkness claims my soul and has molded me into who I am. But to my brothers I am whole, even human and that’s all that matters. Call me Conall O’Shea, the damaged, cold, and ruthless killer.


All the books can be found on Amazon under the heading Irish Sugar –


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