Pack Rulez in Order

Hey, I wrote a short blog about Roar and some of you wonderful readers reached out to me about missing books in the series.  They are all up now on Amazon and will be up on Barnes and Noble within a few days.  Here is the list.

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~ Shifter Nation ~

Books in Order by Series

Pack Rulez, Pride Riders and Shifter Legends are all connected under one paranormal nation, Shifter Nation. These beasts masquerading as men and women live and work among us. Below are the books that can be read in order or as stand alone novellas.

Pack Rulez
All Books up to  #9 have been released
(Volkshire Pack, Betaille Coalition and Rattler, Texas Clutch)
Redemption  (Release Summer/Fall 2016)
Matos (Release 2016)
Alpha (Release 2017)


All books are released
(Lyons Motorcycle Club)
Pride (Release Summer 2016)


Shifter Legends
***Note*** I recently got these books back from the publisher. They will not be re-releases until Jan/Feb of 2016.
(Beasts that have been around a Millennia- Ancient Ones who only exist in Legends…or so we think.)
Rogue Dragon
Stone Guardian
Defiant Dragon
Beast Protector
Chaos and Treachery (Release Spring of 2016)



3 thoughts on “Pack Rulez in Order

  1. Hello,

    I was searching your website looking for the 5th book in the Shifter Legends Series. Are you writing another book to wrap up the series? Or are you done with the series?


    • Actually there are two more in the series but the publisher closed. I need to reload books 3, 4, and 5 myself. I have already loaded 1 and 2. Thank you for sharing my works ❤

      • Thank you for replying. Sorry to hear. I hope things work out.

        I look forward to reading/completing the series. I’m addicted. I love, love this series. Plus I’m anxious to see what happens to Kirill and his motely group.

        Thanks so much.

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