Tigers, Bears, Lions and Wolves…Its a Shifter Nation and Roar is leading the pack.

I know a lot of you have been waiting for the next book in the Pack Rulez series. Not sure if I ever shared this with you but all my shifter books are connected in the same world even though they all have different things happening in their lives. With that in mind when I was telling Roar’s story, trust me when I tell you, nobody was more shocked that I when found out that Roar had a connection to the Pride Riders.

This book is unique in that it is a Pack Rulez/Pride Riders crossover because Simone is part of the Pride and she has a hell of a secret to keep.

It took a while to actually get the story line right because, well, the beasts were all talking at once and trying to lead me in the direction they wanted me to go but this is Roar and Simone’s story so I had to tell the other animals in my head to shut the hell up. LOL. I realize that many of you readers were concerned if there would be more book and I’m here to tell you there are several. Below is the list of shifter books to date and releases planned for 2016. It is my sincerest wish that you enjoy my world as much as I do. Thank you for your readership and patience.

~ Shifter Nation ~

Books in Order by Series.

Pack Rulez, Pride Riders and Shifter Legends are all connected under one paranormal nation, Shifter Nation. These beasts masquerading as men and women live and work among us. Below are the books that can be read in order or as stand alone novellas.

Pack Rulez
(Volkshire Pack, Betaille Coalition and Rattler, Texas Clutch)
Redemption – Is planned for release in 2016 (I hope your ready for this one…)


(Lyons Motorcycle Club)
Pride – Is planned for release in 2016


Shifter Legends
(Beasts that have been around a Millennia- Ancient Ones who only exist in Legends…or so we think.)
Rogue Dragon
Stone Guardian
Defiant Dragon
Beast Protector
Chaos and Treachery – Is planned for release in 2016.

Roar-eBook-webFriends who let a woman come between them. Trace is mated and Roar is stuck in a painful limbo of loving a woman that may never be his.
Hunted for the child she keeps close but should have never birthed. Simone must do what she has to keep her baby safe at any cost.
With nowhere to turn and the one person she trusted gone, she makes the only choice she can. Allow the man she spent years running from to help her.
Trace loves her as only another tiger can but Roar is her salvation.
Her child could lead a new a generation of beasts and her decision will change the Shifter Nation. No clan will be the same.



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