The weather outside is frightful…Not really but the Christmas Box Set is here

Its still warmish outside but I live in Central Florida so that is kinda expected. I have lived here almost thirty years and the coldest we got was 31 degrees so I think we will be okay, LOL. Regardless, I adore all things Christmas, yeah I am a sucker for anything pumpkin. I can see the shudder of some readers as the look over that statement.

Anyway, as usual I am writing Christmas stories,. What can I say? They give me life and are so much fun to write. This year I am going with 2 books…(insert Duh, duh duh here) Joy and Toy.

Holiday Boxset

Joy is part of the Sexy Holiday Delights Box set releasing Nov 3rd. Her book introduces you to the world of Shakers Gentlemen’s Club and you haven’t met an owner like her. Here is a a taste of Joy.

Excerpt ~

“Really, I seem to remember a certain white boy straight off the bus, eighteen and still wet behind the ears walking into my club fourteen years ago looking for work.” Joy combed her fingers through his deep red strands.

“You have no idea how glad I am that a certain, very sexy, older woman with skin the color of rich toffee, decided to take me in.” He turned is deep green gaze on her and traced his finger down her nose. “You know I am a sucker for sweets.”

“Remind me I’m a cougar.” She groused before grinning.

“It wasn’t a complaint, and ten years isn’t that much older.”

“It’s too late to try and make me feel better.”

“You know watching you drop that ass gave me an instant erection.” He smacked her behind before sliding off the stool easing away from her. “Like your dancers, my bouncers will be stomping in here soon to collect their wages.” Royce rolled his shoulders. “I want to talk to a few of them about that incident last night.”

“You need to, I was a little annoyed and we both know that ain’t a good thing. And watch yourself, I’m still the boss.” She winked. “Respect this ass.”

And that’s not all! Enjoy other Christmas hotness from some awesome authors. !0 stories to heat up your days or nights during the long winter season. LOL, even if you live in Florida.

boxsetpreorderHere is the link:


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