Asian Persuasion – The challenge of writing a book with K-drama elements.


I love, love, LOVE K-Dramas. So much so that I would agonize over how to write like the shows enjoy. I wanted to create a book where the reader gets lost in the story, yells and groans with joy or anger and possibly disbelief at the words I’ve written.  Not to mention the romance and heat that can come with a well created story. I watched and plotted, always searching for a twist and keywords that signified Korean Drama.

Asian Persuasion – The Beginning and The Ending is my hope that I nailed the roiling emotions I feel whenever I watch drama in a book.

Welcome to Sugar Land TX where my cast of characters reside. Meet Choi Jin Woo and Anjula Matthews. Take the roller-coaster ride with them as they try and hold on to a budding relationship against all odds including a violent stalker. Read about their friends, especially Park Bai Lin, a ride or die chick if I have ever wrote one.

The combination of my love for both writing and K-drama…

It is my sincerest wish that you love it as much as I do and if your interest in K-Drama has been sparked all the better.

Blurb ~

Anjula Matthews loved people but a betrayal by the ones closest to her left her hesitant to trust again.
Choi Jin Woo wanted live his life free of the obligations his family placed on him. He chose to leave and start anew.
Fresh with new beginnings, both meet under unusual circumstances leading to an unexpected attraction…Only someone isn’t happy with the budding romance and will do anything to stop it.
With obstacles that seem insurmountable, their feelings for each other will be tested. For Anjula, Choi Jin Woo is willing to be her shield but will he be able to withstand the blows that will batter their relationship to keep them together.
***Cliff Hanger***

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