From Falling to Rising the Sequel is out!


Rising released and I am pooped. Writing about people who don’t like you because of the color of your skin is hard as hell and talking to them is harder.  They want to be heard, and have a voice and if yu give them a chance folks will grudgingly speak to you if only to get their brand of rhetoric out. That is why it takes me some time to write these books. The information in this id authentic, well, as much as they will tell me. 🙂

You may not like my books, not everybody does but you will get the very best of  my ability in them.  Falling and Rising mean the world to me. They are true characters slowly evolving, after all Rome was not built over night and their indoctrination into the world of hate started young. The will not change within a hundred and fifty pages worth of words. That’s being real. Slowly but surely though I believe they will become wonderful human beings with the help of the women who love them unconditionally.

If your willing to take a ride with me you will see what I mean. Bobby Jack, Riley Joe, Whit and Savannah have a story to tell and I will tell it honestly. Not to please readers, not to say oh I wrote that but to put a beautiful love story in the hands of my readers. I truly hope you enjoy Rising as much as I did when I got that editor copy back for the final read through. Like them or  not to me they made the ultimate sacrifices for each other and not many people can say that.

Talk to you’ later.

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