New release – Mother Lovers, An anthology for women everywhere

Friday I released a short in anthology (Mother Lovers) with RaeLynn Blue Jeanie Jonson and Jayha Leigh. My story is Dick and Dirty. I have a follow up story (Maybe Baby) dropping in June  in Dad to the Bone also with RaeLynn Blue and Jeanine and Jayha.


Dick N Dirty – By Kassanna
As a police officer Richard “Dick” Livingston responded to a call and handled the situation. Problem was he couldn’t get the image of the sexy perpetrator out of his head. His visceral reaction to her made him want to find out more about her…find Dirty. And once he did, he couldn’t walk away from her.
Indiana “Dirty” Mixon, had her reasons for trying to beat the hell out of her brother with a bat. What she didn’t expect was to find the arresting officer, Dick, in her tattoo shop asking to inked. She didn’t have time to care, she had bigger problems to solve because of him. Perhaps if they met under different circumstances…He wouldn’t leave her alone but did she really want him too?


One thought on “New release – Mother Lovers, An anthology for women everywhere

  1. Hi Kassanna,
    Got my copy. It’s amongst my new reads for this month. So many new novels to read by some great authors. I’ll be busy reading all summer, and I like it. Congrats to you….

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