Fury – Chapter Four

Hey and happy Monday. Please note this chapter has explicit violence. It is clean as I could make it but unedited.

~ Chapter Four ~

Pain shot through he arm, carefully she pulled it back against the mattress and turn over. Excruciating pain slithered down her spine and she went still. “Well this shit ain’t working.” Fury grumbled out loud. She opened her eyes and took in her immediate surroundings. Dull, white walls with no artwork or personal touches surrounded her. Thin light blue sheets with white and red lines interwoven throughout the fabric covered her. Above her a ceiling fan slowly rotated. She searched the recesses of her mind. Her twin had waited for her and she’d made it to him, barely. Weariness washed over her and she closed her eyes. With everything she put her body through, her blood loss had to be significant.

Fury swallowed and shut her lids. After seeing her brothers face, she’d passed out. Actually she was sure she was dying but Jase kept talking to her. Through the narrow tunnel, devoid of light, all she could hear was her brother’s voice. It was through their connection that she clawed her way out of the darkness. She wouldn’t leave him alone with the added burden of avenging her as well as their mother. At eight years old, they made the pact to kill the ones responsible for Bonita’s death and had steadily worked toward that goal for over twenty-five years. She turned her face and rubbed her cheek against the cool pillow cover. Was that it? had Mother nature discovered her true identity? If she had then Jase wasn’t safe in Father Times organization. She had to find her brother.

Faint grunts escaped her as she pulled her elbows along her sides and pushed up. A sharp, continuous ache riddled her back and she pressed her lips together pushing through it. She clenched her teeth, grinding them together and fisted the sheets as she came upright. To her left, a small window was covered in tin foil. Fury glanced around for a clock, anything that would give her an indication if it was day or night. Gently she eased her legs over the edge of the bed. Her breath coming in quick pants as she breathed through the pain.

“Keep moving idiot and your going to yank apart all the hard work I put into stitching your ass up. ” Jase strolled into the room and relief flooded her.

“Wouldn’t be the first time.” She managed a soft smile.

“Don’t do that. You look like your constipated.” He carried a small tray and set it down on the stand next to the bed.

Fury peered up at her brother, “Your blunt attitude is exactly why you will grow old alone and miserable.”

Crinkles formed at the corner of his eyes and one corner of his mouth inched up. “I don’t how that would happen as long as I have you. I might be unhappy but I will never be alone.”

“Almost.” Fury muttered and broke their gaze to look at the tray. Several small dishes covered the surface. Spirals of steam rose from a bowl with a clear brown liquid in it.  A sandwich on thick white bread covered another plate. Grapes and strawberries filled the space between the stoneware. Tall clear glasses filled with bubbling liquid rested on the corner of each side. “I can’t eat all of that.”

“Only the broth is for you. The rest is mine. Well that and that nasty as soda water you like to drink.” He claimed the club chair adjacent to the bed.

“Where are we?” Fury reached for the drink and groaned.

“One of my safe houses.” He lifted the beverage and leaned forward pressing it to her lips.

Cool, refreshing liquid flowed over her tongue. The bubbles tickled her throat as she swallowed. She pulled away from the glass and narrowed her eyes. “How long have you had this place?”

“A few years,” he shrugged. “Your would be assassin almost pierced a lung. Your a lucky ducky, sister of mine.”

She chuckled at the childhood reference. Their mother Bonita, use to call them ducks and sing them the song about the animals all walking in a row. Fury choked. Tears rolled down her face.

Jase rose and wrapped his arms around her, holding her tight to his chest. “Hey, hey. Its alright, you made it. A lesser person would have been dead in the streets somewhere just another statistic because they couldn’t be identified.”

“Mother nature must have figured out who I am.” She hiccuped, ignoring the hurt piercing her sides.

“I doubt it. More like you pissed of the wrong person. Nature and Time are money hungry mother fuckers. They would turn down a contract to take out one of their own if the price was right. I’ll find out whats going on when I head back to headquarters.” Jase rubbed his jaw against her temple.

Fear made her gut roil. “You can’t go back. Let’s  take what we know and break a bitch down. We know who most of the players are, where they live and who has family to be exploited. we don’t need to play hide and seek anymore.”

Jase spoke against her hair. “Your too impetuous. It’s better to take them down from the inside. I’m still good. The number one bad ass. I have a plan. matter of fact it came to me while you were knocked out.”

“Yeah?” She reared back.

“Yup. We are about to hit ’em where it hurts and collect on their contracts. Snatch their money right out from under them.” he grinned and waggled his brows. “Don’t look so glum little sister. We are going to recruit a few assassin’s from our company’s and take back what Ro and Bonita started.”

Chimes dinged through the room. Fury cocked her head. “What exactly are you planning?”

“The ruin of the people that destroyed our lives.” He rose. “The first part of my idea has just breached the perimeter of the house. I’ll go meet him. Eat your soup before it gets cold and I will be right back.”


Seven circled the dark house. There wasn’t a breath of light escaping from anywhere on the property. All was quiet and he wondered if he got his information crosses. When he reached the dock to meet One, there was nobody there. Attached to the wheel in the pilot house was a note with this address and the number one. He was getting sick of the cloak and dagger shit. A bad place to be when that was your job. No doubt, One was somewhere watching. Seven understood his colleagues cautiousness, it took him a good hour to lose Five.

After meeting with that asshole, they went their separate ways for reconnaissance. He still had a order to complete but he would track down the alluring Fury after he connected with One. God, but assassins where worse than old women with new lovers. They way they made each other jump through hoops just for a hint of information. He ran along the short wood fence toward the back of the building, stopping in the shadow of a overhang. Seven pressed his back to the slats and peered around the corner. Carefully, he moved closer to the structure.

The door opened and and light bisected the yard. “I’m not chasing your ass around the yard.” One called out.

Seven stared at his old friend. One was the only man he would even acknowledge as human. The rest of the men in tir little club moved and acted like they were set to automatic. acting on a mission and doing only what they were told or assigned. at least he could have a conversation with One. Seven studied the dark figure filling the doorway, calculating the threat. One’s arm was hidden slightly behind him.

“You have thirty seconds or I will close this door and the opportunity I am about to offer you will be lost forever. No harm, no foul. We reset and thing will be as they were before.” One eased halfway behind the thin barrier.

What the hell was his colleague talking about? Seriously someone needed to give assassins classes on communications. He couldn’t cross the yard without being seen. Instead he would give his current position away. “Spit it out one. Its been a bitch of a day.” He took a chance and scrambled the few feet of open space to the wall of another building.

“If I wanted you dead. You would be.” One closed the door.

You have fucking got to be kidding me. Seven ran across the yard and dropped to his knees to crawl around to the front of the house. Deep pockets of darkness enveloped the porch. Softly, Seven climbs the short stairs. Click. He knew that sound and went still. The cool muzzle of a gun grazed his temple.

“I don’t know how you made it as far as you have. You suck at this.” Five’s sarcastic tone broke the quiet night.

“I know you’ve heard this before but your an utter idiot.” Seven growled.

“Says the man with the gun to his head. Where is One I know I heard him. While you were out running abound like somebody’s side chick trying to get her lovers attention. I have all ready cased the place. Only way in id through that door and the house is dark. No activity since I have been sitting here. Made me wonder why you were so hot to get here. Then I heard One’s voice and understood.’ Five jabbed Seven with the gun. “What are you two up too?”

“That was always your problem Five. You think too much.” One answered his question in a cutting tone.

A flash of light illuminated the night and the crack of gunfire echoed through the small space. Seven dropped and twisted around as Five tumbled down the steps. He landed sprawled out face down. His feet, tangled together caught on the tread above him. One stepped closer to Seven and he gazed up. In the dark it was hard to make out his friend. His dark skin and clothing blending in with his surroundings.

“You never were good at not being followed.” One shook his head and held out his hand.

Seven clasped the pro-offered palm and rose when tugged. “Just another fucked up ending to a really hellish day.” he glanced down at the body. “Nine is going to be pissed.

“Like I give a shit.” One slid his gun into the holster. “Your lucky Five is a mediocre assassin.”

“He almost got me.” Seven needed to be honest. If he started lying to himself now, he would just fuck up later.

“I don’t think so. You a quick thinker on your feet.” One yanked the screen door open and shoved the at the heavier inside one. “Come in.”

“I didn’t see you leave.” Seven crossed the threshold in to a sparse living room.

“Front window while you were making all that noise trying to get to the porch.” One grinned. “Five was so focused on you he never saw me coming. There’s a pig farm next door. We can cut up the body in the barn in a few hours and feed the parts to the pigs.”

“You take way too much pleasure in this.” Seven grumbled. “Why am I here?”

“I want to put Father Time out of business.” One spoke matter of factly. ” The only way to do that is to take his contacts…and assassins. I am offering you a job, working for me.”

He stared at One.

“Funny you have the same look on your face my sister had.” One moved toward the staircase.

“Sister?” Seven exhaled. At some point he must have strolled through an alternate world because no way the event going on were happening in the real one. “Do me a favor and kill me already. I am battered. My assignment tried to sever my artery and the thought of cutting up a body is about as appealing as sleeping with old ass Father Time.”

“What are you muttering about?” One glance over his shoulder.

“He’s being a pussy because he couldn’t take me out.” The words fell like stones to the bottom of a lake. He knew that voice and snapped up his head.

She stood on the landing leaning on the bannister. A sheet draped around her lithe body. The light color highlighting her dark skin.

“Your a hard head. I told you to stay in bed.” One’s tone inched up.

She lifted her hand and gave him the finger.

Fuck..fuck…fuck. One is sleeping with the woman he was assigned to kill. Seven gripped the butt of his gun tighter. Was he being set up?

“Seven meet my sister, Mena. You probably know here as Fury.

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