Fury ~ Chapter Three

Happy Sunday friends. Chapter Three is below, this chapter is not edited but as clean as possible. There is explicit violence.

~ Chapter Three ~

Fury hobbled around the corner, she forced one foot in front of the other. It was a struggle to move and faint grunts escaped her with every step she took. She was a fighter but if her contact wasn’t in the pub they’d arranged to meet at she may as well let the Grim Reaper claim her. Her foot dragged behind her as she climbed the shallow steps to the entrance door. She wrapped her fingers around the thick silver handle and inhaled deeply before tugging, the door didn’t open. Fury exhaled, tears brimmed her lashes, she’d always believed she would go out in a blaze of glory. Instead she was bleeding out on the doorstep of a cheap eatery. Her chest heaved and her breath rattled in her lungs. The door was thrust open and she was shoved back. She stumbled back and gripped the handrail to keep from falling. Pain seared the space between her shoulder blades and traveled down her body in short bursts of sharp stabs.

She pressed her lips together to keep from crying out. Black outlines encroached her vision. She blinked trying to banish the darkness. Her contacts face appeared in her line of sight,  fading in and out.

“Fury!” He lurched forward, catching her.

“Sorry brother, I thought I could get here sooner.” Her chest tightened.

Suddenly her feet were swept off the ground and she was hefted up and cradled against a warm solid chest. Comfort enveloped her. At least dying, she was with the one person that would take care of her in her final hours, her twin.

“Your stronger than this, Fury would never give up, the woman I grew up with would fight.” He whispered against her temple. “If you give up now who will help me avenge our mother? Never forget little sister.”

“I was born two minutes behind you, asshole.” Her chest ached more with every word uttered.

“That’s my girl. Fight to live so we can annihilate the motherfuckers that did this to you.” Her brother tone rose and faded. She was being jostled but the hurt was no longer there. Numbness was slowly taking over her body. Fury allowed the darkness to envelop her. “I got you little sister just hold on…”

His words dwindled into nothingness.


Fury sat huddled in the pantry with her eight year-old brother. Their mothers screams seemed to echo around them.  Her chair scraped the wood floor of the kitchen as it was dragged around the room. Fury shivered and Jase hugged her tighter. “Shh,” he whispered against her temple. “Remember what mommy said – be quiet as a church mouse.” Fury covered her mouth with her palms and nodded even as tears streamed down her face and rolled over the back of her hand.

“Where is he Bonita?” A deep hard voice dropped like stones from the man questioning their mom.

“Don’t do this. I told you Roosevelt took our children and left. I woke up and everybody was gone.” Her voice cracked.

“He wouldn’t leave you like that. Your the reason he defected.” The man sneered. “It’s your fault I have to hunt down my comrade and kill him. Think of that when you take your last breath. Where are you meeting Ro?”

“Fuck you Time, you and that bitch Nature, you’ll never find Ro?” Fury leaned forward and saw her mother spit on the man’s foot. “He was too fucking good for Seasons. Tell yourself whatever you want but I hope the truth eats a hole in your gut. When Ro comes for you, you will never see it coming and I will be laughing my ass off as he slits your throat from whatever hell I am resigned too. Make no mistake I will be there waiting for you.”

Another woman stalked into the room and blocked Fury’s view of her mother. “No one else is here. I found a suitcase with some kids clothes.” She shrugged. “I’m thinking Ro went into hiding with the kids and she was to follow him.” She backhanded Fury’s mother. Fury cringed from the sound. “Where the hell did he go Bonita?”

“I’ll be waiting for you too Nature.” Cold anger colored her mothers tone.

“Turn on the stove Nature, this bitch is gong to talk one way or another.” The guy pulled a knife free and handed it to the woman. “Set that in the flame.” He hauled the chair next to the gas stove. Blue flames flashed before turning yellow. His colleague turned the fire down and it turned deep orange. Metal clanked as the blade hit the burners grate.

Her mom’s eyes widened when the man lifted the dagger from the heat. It glowed in the shadowed kitchen. “No matter what you do, I don’t care who I have to fight or how many worlds I traverse. I will be back and I won’t be alone. Ro will be with me and we will rain hellfire down on you and everyone your associated with.” Bonita set her lips together in a firm line and lifted her chin.

The blade slid into her mothers chest like a hot knife through butter. He yanked the stiletto free and handed it to the woman. “Heat it up again.”

Jase covered Fury’s eyes and slid her back against him. “You don’t need to see this.” Her brothers jaw grazed her hair as he turned his head. She tried to see through the thin spaces between his slim fingers.

“Mama.” She sobbed quietly and twisted her head away from Jase’s hand.

“I love you!” Bonita yelled as the fella drove the knife through her breast. Sweat rolled down her temple, glistening a reflection of the flames she was so close too. She grunted and pushed off, her leg muscles bunching and flexing as she rose. Her biceps strained as she labored against the rope binding her.  Bonita threw herself against the stove and the thin night dress she wore ignited. She rolled off the stove top and the crashed to the floor. The chair shattered beneath her. “Run” She screamed as the fire engulfed the wood.

The crackle of the blaze catching onto the floor rugs and spreading filled the space. Smoke drifted through the slats and poured into the pantry. The man and woman that had terrorized their mother spoke. Their lips moved but in the gray haze of the flames, she couldn’t make out the words.

Jase dropped flat to the floor and yanked her down. “We have to get out of here.”

“Mommy,” Fury wasn’t going to leave her momma to die.

“No, she’s already dead.  We have to go.” Jase spoke quickly, coughing between words. “Remember what daddy said.  We need to get to the trap door.”

“No, no, no!” The stringent miasma burned her lungs as she breathed it in.

“We don’t have a choice.” Jase slammed the bi-fold door open. All around them the room glowed but the man and woman were gone.

Jase dragged her to the dinner table and used his shoulders to heave the heavy butcher block furniture over. He kicked back the rug where the end was smoldering. Fury stared at her mom. Bonita eyes were open but the spark was gone. Jase called her name and she glanced over at him. He was struggling to get the door up. The house creaked as the flames danced from room to room. She crawled the short distance across the floor, smoldering spots of wood singed her knees and palms. The skin on her hands burned as she gripped the metal ring and heaved the exit door up. Jase shoved her into the gaping hole and jumped down behind her. Burning planks dropped around them as the crawled over damp earth through the passage their daddy had created under the house. Wood turned to dirt above them as the scurried through the tunnel. The ground shook just as they exited into a ravine and flames licked out the hole they’d exited. An explosion rocked the ground beneath the and in the distance, the hillside where their house was lit up the night.

“The gas ignited.” Jase turned her way, his voice a monotone tenor.

“We need to find daddy.” Fury dropped into the cool grass and rubbed her aching palms against the soothing vegetation.

“If he’d taken us with him, mama would be alive. No what we need to do is survive…”


Seven broke the window with his elbow and crawled into the back seat of the old car. It was the last automobile in a long line of parked vehicles.He gazed down at his leg. She missed his artery, barely. Sirens blared a few blocks over  from the direction he’d come from. Seven checked his watch, he still had a couple hours to meet Five in time. He would lay low. He rummaged through the articles of clothing littering the bench seat and picked up a long sleeve shirt. Gently, he lifted his leg and tied the two ends around his thigh to stem the blood flow. His phone vibrated in is pocket followed by the harmonious sounds of opera filled the space.

He let a few soothing notes wash over him before answering the summons. “Speak”

“I’m calling in my favor, Seven.”

“This is not a good time One. Maybe you haven’t heard but I have a little situation.” Seven sighed.

“Yeah and your stuck with Five. I know all about it. Ask me do I care? You owe me.”  One’s voice brooked no argument.

Seven let his annoyance bleed through his tone. “This is turning into a really shitty day, One. I’ll take care of Five and my assignment and we can meet for drinks tomorrow or the next day.”

“Listen you pale son of a bitch. Lose Five and meet me at the docks, pier eighteen. Look for the Badass Bonita. I’ll be waiting.” One hung up.

What the fuck was with everyone giving him directions like he was a damn child? Seven slumped down in the seat and dropped his head back. He pulled up his log and tapped Five’s number to send him a text.

Ran into problems, will be late.

In moments Five responded. My mission is to kill you if your compromised. I’m telling you out of respect.

That’s the point of the text asshole. So you know I’m still good.

Then you will make the meet on time.

Five and his fucking stick to the book attitude. Didn’t the idiot understand nothing was ever in black and white? “Urgh” Seven voiced his frustration. I will fucking make you eat the muzzle of my gun if you think for one minute your coming after me.

LOL! Your an even bigger fool if you believe that. You have two hours or I will collect on the contract that goes into effect. You shouldn’t have fucked up.

I am going to enjoy pistol whipping your ass when I see you. Seven’s fingers flew across the keypad in anger

Promises, promises. With you gone Father Time will be forced to rearrange the numbers. I look forward to moving up.

I will see you in less than a few hours. Seven spoke out loud as he typed. He needed to get his emotions in check. When you handled business mad you fucked up and Five was trying to get under his skin.

Then no harm done. (Smiley face)

Seven bumped his head into the soft seat. Five trailing his every move was going to be a problem. No doubt he would report everything back to Nine. There was something between those two, he couldn’t put his finger on. He scooted across the seat. The door creaked as he shouldered it open. Sunlight had cracked through the clouds and rays dappled the street. He looked both ways, checking to see if anyone was peering his way before he pulled the clothing free and tossed it into the seat behind him. Seven pulled a book of matches from his pocket and lit one, then he touched the match head to the thin paper and started the book. Tiny flames licked the air. He tossed the whole thing into the pile of clothing. It caught with a sizzle and the blaze started. He partially rolled down the window before shutting the door so the fire could feed on the oxygen. Seven straightened, squaring his shoulders and strolled away.

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