Fury ~ Chapter Two

This chapter is clean but unedited.

~ Chapter Two ~

Stephen, code name Seven, held the gaze of his target. He’d heard the rumors that Mother Nature’s assassins were a force to be reckoned with but had never had to the opportunity or necessity to cross paths with one of them. His employer, Father Time, actually had a standing order not to engage and stay far away from the dangerous beauties. It was said that at some point all of Mother Nature’s employee’s were once nuns. He let his gaze drift down Fury’s body, she certainly didn’t look like any sister he’d come across in church.

Fury stared at him through bottomless dark chocolate colored eyes. Her deep mahogany skin was smooth and ageless. High cheekbones, complimented by thick bow shaped lips with just a hint of shine and her close cropped hair was the color of fresh wheat. She was a classic beauty.  All black attire, fit her like a glove. Slim jeans hugged her hips while her top molded her ample bust. Fury would be able to move unhindered, yet she was completely nondescript. If a person wasn’t actively seeking her, she could easily blend into a crowd. He watched as an arched brow slowly climbed her forehead and knew he was lucky locating her as quickly as he had.

“Dude I believe we are at an impasse.” she pressed the muzzle of her gun deeper into his belly. “I’m willing to take a chance on both of us dying in a blaze of glory.” Her voice reminded him of the burn you got from a shot of good scotch as it flowed down your throat followed by the sleek warmth that enveloped you afterwards.

He dug the tip of his blade into her skin, holding it at an angle. Tepid fluid flowed down his knuckles. “The grim reaper and I are old friends, we have to be in this line of business. If your feeling froggy, jump. I would love to see who walks away from this.” He whispered. “We are going to get out of here at the next stop.

“If your going to try and kill me, lets get it over with.” She smiled and deep lines etched her cheeks. Her eyes sparkled. “If you don’t mind though I would like to know who ordered a contract on me?”

“I’m a worker, beautiful, not the negotiator. I haven’t a clue as to who wants you dead.” The train stopped and they jerked to the side.

Fury swung away, spinning out of his grasp. The small caliber gun fell from her grasp, she clutched the pole and lifted her legs planting her feet in his chest and pushing off.  He scuttled back, and tightened his grip on the knife. Doors were sliding shut as she shifted to the side and slid between them. He flipped the knife catching it by the blades tip and tossed it. A dinging filled the air and garbled talk floated from the old speakers. The dagger found its mark and Fury staggered. The train lurched forward and he caught sight of her disappearing into a stairwell through a dirty window. Dammit, he would have to double back and track her from there. Seven pulled the phone from his pocket and opened the screen. He pressed his number and the line connected.

“Customer Service.”

“My appointment has been cancelled.” Seven ground out through clenched teeth.

“One moment.” The monotone voice droned before the line went silent.

Seven glanced at the few folks sitting around. No one made eye contact him. It was a sad state of affairs when people would witness a possible assault and yet no one stepped in to help Fury. He shook his head, maybe humanity deserved what it got. There was no sense of community. If people helped each other it was mainly for self serving purposes. No one wanted to step up and take responsibility for their fellow man. It was one of the any reasons, he’d fallen into the business. He had no problem maiming or killing, some targets deserved what they got. He was helping to cull the population of the weak and depraved. Seven watched the brick and mortar as the train rushed by, he didn’t get a sense that Fury was either.

“Seven, this is Nine. Five has been dispatched. He will meet you at half past six. If you are not at the location you will be considered defunct and actions will be taken accordingly.” The line went dead.

“Fucking great,” he despised Five. That assassin was obnoxious on a good day. He flicked his wrist checking his watch. There was still time before he had to meet his partner. He would back track to the last stop and locate his target, dispatch her quickly so he would have to work with an asshole. The car screeched to a stop and he exited, trotting down the hall to catch a cab. He’d had enough of trains for the day.

Briefly, he wondered who would want the alluring Fury dead. His blade landed between her shoulders, she couldn’t have gotten far. Hospitals and clinics were out of the question. She wouldn’t risk the exposure or the questions. They were assassins, if he was in trouble he would seek help from a colleague. Overcast skies greeted him as he left the station. Thunder boomed in the distance. He glanced up at the roiling clouds, seemed even the heavens were anxious. It was time to conclude his business


Fury dug through the lost and found bin at the customer service desk. She lifted a jacket a few sizes larger than she was as wrinkled her nose at the heavy mothball smell. It would serve the purpose of covering her back. She’d managed yank the blade free in the ladies room but her shoulders were covered in her blood making her shirt feel tacky on her skin. “Found it! Thank you!” She shook the light coat and double checked to make sure no bugs fell out . The attendant nodded before returning his attention to the computer screen.

She straightened and swallowed the pain threatening to over take her. Fury draped the coat over her shoulders and shuffled toward the exit. Someone had put a hit out on her and she didn’t even know where to begin to look for them. The doors slid open and she crossed the threshold into a blustering wind.

She mixed in with the flow of people walking along the sidewalk. Ahead of her a well dressed business man spoke on his cell then stuffed it in his pocket. She lunged, bumping into him and quickly she dipped her hand into his pocket, grabbing the phone. Her hasty movements sent the blade she been concealing in her sleeve down her arm slicing her palm. She shoved them both into the jackets pocket and formed a fist to stem the blood flow. It hurt to take a breath, she leaned on the building and the stubby brick pierced the fabric jabbing her skin. Concrete brushed the material as she rounded the corner and rested just in the mouth of the alley. Coolness bled into her heated skin. Fury yanked her phone free from her pocket and dialed a number she’d memorized years ago.

“Access code please.”

“Mother Natures Fury cannot be silenced.”  She pressed the mouthpiece to her face to be heard.

There was a moment of quiet. “But she can be compromised. Storm has abated. Fury cannot be calmed.”

Fear skittered down her spine. She sucked in a calming breath. Mother Nature was cutting her losses and walking away, leaving Fury adrift and on her own. Her chest tightened as anger swept through her. “Tell the bipolar bitch when this is over she can explain her decision to me in person. Before I dispatch her fucking life.” Fury ended the call. There wasn’t much time, the number would be traced and GPS would be utilized to locate her.  She dialed the only person she could trust.

“Hello,” a soft voice hesitated.

“I need help.” Fury closed her eyes for a second.

“Can I just say I told you so. Meet me at the cafe, make sure your clean.” Several clicks then nothing except dead air.

Fury stared at the cell and made a face.  She dropped the phone and stomped on it. No use pulling the Sim card the number she dialed was probably no longer in service the moment she hung up. She hobbled back to the avenue.

“Ma’am…ma’am?” Someone brushed her arm.

She spun around and bit the inside of her cheek to keep from grimacing. “Yes.” She widened her eyes in question.

“Are you okay.” The teen in front of her motioned toward the ground. Drops of blood splattered the sidewalk around her feet and formed a trail that led up to Fury.

“Oh dear, I’m fine. This is so embarrassing.” Fury leaned in and spoke low. “I’m trying that little cup thing for periods. Sometimes it slips.” She half grinned in a self depreciating smile.

“Shut up, I just read about those being used in third world countries on my tablet.” The girl nodded her head. “There’s a restaurant a block down that allows the public to use their rest rooms. You might want to head there if you cant get home.” She took off her scarf and pressed it into Fury’s palms. “You can wrap this around your waist until you can take care of your…issue.” The teen smiled as she moved away.

“Huh.” Fury stared after her as she shoved the material in her pocket. There were still good folks in the world after all.  Needles of pain stabbed her side and shoulder as she raised her arm to hail a cab. She dropped her arm, sighed and raised it again. A white town car cut across traffic and skidded in front of her. She pulled the lever and opened the door, climbing into the back seat. Fury caught a flash from the corner of her eye.

The assassin she’d escaped earlier rushed her shoving her across the seat and jumping into the cab with her.

“For the love of God!” She shrieked as she plowed a fist into his arm.

The cabbie turned toward them, peering at the man next to her. “Where  too?

“My fiance is still angry with me.” He wrapped his fingers around her wrist. “Now baby.”

“Shove your damn endearments.” Fury grumbled.

“Tenth and Elm.” He directed the driver before turning his focus on her. “You were sloppy sweetheart. A five year old could have tracked you down.”

“Aren’t I the lucky duck.” Fury moved closer to the door, reaching for the lever.

“Don’t even think about it,” he reached past her and pushed down the mechanism.

“You won’t like it if you can get me alone. ” She thrust her hand into the coat pocket.

“You know as well as I do this is nothing personal. It’s a job, and you little escapade pissed off my boss. I now have a associate. I have never had a partner in my career. Extermination is eminent in order to save face.  The guy they want to stick me with is an utter asshole.” He shook is head as he exhaled.

“Birds of a feather flock together I’m told.” She said caustically. The car was going in the opposite direction of where she needed to be and getting found so easily was annoying her.

“Ha -ha. Your jokes are lame, you should keep your day job.” He turned his ice blue stare on her. “Oh, that’s right  that will be ending soon enough too.”

“Fuck you.”

“I really wish we could, I bet your explosive in bed.” He touched her arm. “Another lifetime maybe.” he turned his head to the window.

She had one more chance and would have to make it work. If she got too far from her meet point, her contact would leave and she would truly be fucked. She stared at her would be killers profile. He had one point she agreed with, he looked like a great lover. Dismissing that thought, she screamed at the top of her lungs and the cabbie brought the taxi to a curt stop then twisted in his seat. The assassin spun to face her. She yanked the blade from her jacket and buried it in his thigh. He slammed back into his seat. She jerked at the locking mechanism and rammed her shoulder into the door to heave it open. She tumbled to her knees as she exited the vehicle and pushed off, using all her strength. Behind her auto’s screeched to a stop. The scent of burnt rubber filled the air around her. She glanced back, her assassin stumbled from the back seat.

Fury had purposely avoided his femoral artery. For the first time in her life  she hadn’t delivered a killing blow and she really didn’t want to focus on why. She had a meeting to make.

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