My gift from me to you. Fury – Chapter One

Every Year I write a freebie for my readers. Last year I didn’t, the year got away from me and I’m deeply sorry for that. I want to rectify the oversight. Every week I will post a chapter of Fury here. The book I planned to release for free last year. Now this book is unedited but I have cleaned it up and added content. Welcome to the world of Sisters and Assassins, meet Fury.

~ Chapter One ~

“Nine- one -one  what’s your emergency” The operators dull tone droned in Mena’s ear.

The cafe was bustling with a late lunch crowd and all the tables inside and out were full. She sat in the corner with her back to the building. Her crab quiche sat untouched in front of her. She lifted her head and scanned the area around her. With so many people in the area, once she completed her task, chaos was sure to ensue. She should probably talk to a professional about her penchant for anarchy. Nope, that would be a epically bad idea, she accepted her crazy actually she reveled in it.

“I’d like to report a murder.” Mena held the burner phone to her ear with her shoulder while sliding back the mechanism sending the bullet into the chamber of her semi automatic forty-five. At close range the hollow tip bullets would blow a hole through her assignments chest wide enough to drive a semi through. Tingles skidded along her spine as her adrenaline amped up. Unlike some of her sisters who could take a person down from over two thousand meters she preferred the up close and personal touch. She needed to gaze into the eyes of the being she was sent to kill. In those last moment as she watched their lives drain away she witnessed so many different emotions. Fear, confusion, denial sometimes remorse and finally acceptance. No matter the hit, she could sleep at night with a clear conscious. She believed in what she did, being well compensated for her ability to kill was a side benefit.

“Ma’am how do you now there is a murder? Is there a body? Who has been killed? We cannot pinpoint your location. What is your address?” The operators anxious tone cracked between her rapid fire of questions.

“Sorry, I should be more clear. He hasn’t died yet.” Mena checked her watch. “But give me -oh- five minutes. I promise you will be getting inundated with calls.”

“Ma’am?” The operator raised her voice.

Her target, Peter – last name she did really give a fuck about,  strolled out the bank across the street with a wide grin on his face. He sauntered  to the waiting town car as if he didn’t have a care in the world. According to his dossier, he probably shouldn’t. He created and executed  a Ponzi scheme that resulted in the loss of billions for his investors. While Peter was living large, some of the elderly people that he’d preyed upon where now living in low rent apartments and eating dog food to get by. They were the lucky ones. But he pissed off the wrong person, someone with major connections. A bounty was placed on Peter’s head. The cost of his life, half a million dollars. A little low on her pay scale but after reading his file, she took the job for a dollar. With twelve kills under her belt, she acquired a nice nest egg. She could afford to absorb the cost of this hit. She did ask that the remaining money be donated to the fund created to help those who were cheated by the greedy conman.

Dark clouds roiled in the afternoon sky blotting out the sun’s bright rays. Seems the odds were in her favor, most witnesses abilities for recall were sketchy at best. She’d read that in a medical study somewhere. Mena studied the man and shook her head. His tailored suit probably hid a multitude of bodily imperfections and his coiffed blonde hair barely stirred in the slight breeze.  Their was a little bounce to his step, as if he’d received good news. The guy looked genuinely happy, nodding at people as he moved past them. His stylish appearance hid the the true look of the man like a costume and mask or maybe that was what greed and depravity looked like. When she was in the nunnery, she’d learned even the devil was a beautiful being.

Dumbass had no idea what was coming but when you played pussy you get fucked and her mark was about to learn a deadly lesson. All was fair in love and war and the price on his head would bring at least a few folks back from the brink of despair. She glanced down and stared at her food. It would be a shame not to get at least one bite, instead she stood and moved around the table. Taking note of the people who would act as witnesses that would offer the police her description. Mena pulled her cap low and raised the collar of her light jacket up around her neck. This was going to be fun.

“Ma’am…ma’am…hello” The operator sounded frantic.

She probably shouldn’t have called nine one-one but what the hell, as her sisters liked to tell her, she was an adrenaline junkie. Money was great but she had many reasons for doing what she did. There was also the thrill of the chase, avoiding being caught. She slid her finger across the screen ending the call and slid the phone into her pocket. Time to take care of business. Mena trotted across the street and stalked up to Peter as his driver opened the car door for him.

He glanced at her and cocked his head as she raised her arm straight in front of her. She pulled the trigger two times in a double tap, head and heart. The crack of the bullets leaving the chambers was the sound that initiated everything into slow motion. He slammed into the door from the force of the bullets and  crumpled to the sidewalk. His eyes glazed over as he peered up at her. She winked as she passed him, setting the gun in pocket of her jacket. Time resumed.

People screamed and ran or ducked for cover finding the first thing large enough to hide behind. She cleared the streets in seconds. Mena calmly kept walking as folks scrambled to get out of the way. She stared at his driver who cowered against the front tire with his arms raised and is palms splayed to cover his face. Sucking air through her teeth, what happened to the men? She should have been tackled, someone jumping in to help. The man-gina was real and metrosexuals were slowly taking over the world.  Sadness at that idea skidded through her as she eased into the alley. Faint sirens interrupted her train of thought. She needed to move faster. Her heart raced, dank air filled with the smell of rotting food from residual garbage pooling in cans lining the backside of a building.  She slipped the phone out her pocket and tapped the screen twice, lifting her arm to put the phone to her ear.

A female voice answered. “Thank you for calling the Mother Nature Corporation. How may I assist you?”

“Mother Natures fury knows no bounds.” She huffed as she slipped out on the other side of the alley and jogged across the street to the subway.

“Find cover from the storm.” The line went dead.

Fury dropped coins in the turn style and continued down the stairs. Her steps were hollow as she moved across the tile. She removed the back from the phone and yanked the sim card, dropping it in a guitar case of a street musician between a few bills. The train screeched to a stop as she turned the corner. She shed her coat and hat before stepping between the sliding doors. A few people milled around the car, not as crowded as she expected, she turned her head to survey her surroundings. An old woman with matted hair and dirty clothing cowered in the last seat against a window. the train started, jerking her . She latched onto a pole to keep from falling forward and her finger brushed the hand of someone. Fury lifted her head in acknowledgement to mumble and excuse me and got caught up in the intense azure gaze of the man staring down at her.

Briefly she was taken back, deep ginger strands cut close to his head tapered into a trim line that followed the sharp angle of his jaw. High cheekbones accented deep set eyes under brows the same color as his hair. The guy could have been sculpted from freaking marble, he was so damn good looking. She held onto the pole and gripped the coat hanging over her arm tighter. His mouth moved and she was enthralled. Men weren’t suppose to look like that.

The deep grating sound of his voice tugged at her. This man could sing a lullaby and give a woman an orgasm. She snatched her hand back and stumbled as the train ground to a stop. The stranger reached out snaking an arm around her waist and wrenched her forward. Fury hit the side of his hard body, placing her palm in front of her. Solid muscle did not give beneath soft warm wool. She lifted her head to find the corner of his mouth kicked up on one side.

The train resumed and she drew back.

“Are you alright?” She caught just the hint of white even teeth behind his lips.

“Fine,” Fury cleared her throat. She had to get to Storm, her connection. Fury leaned to the side, praying the derelict woman hadn’t left. She peered over at the man and offered him a brief smile. “Sorry about that, excuse me.” She grazed his arm as she eased past him making a bee line for older person. Carefully she slid her gun out of the coat pocket and into the waistband of her jeans yanking her sweater down to cover the slight of hand.

Fury glanced over her shoulder. The attractive man was still watching her. The tension hovering between her shoulder blades ratcheted up. She inhaled deeply and coughed as the older woman’s odor of greasy food and ancient perfume filled her lungs. Several plastic bags full of whatever and knotted by the handles surrounded her feet. Fury pressed the back of her hand to her nose and exhaled. “Ma’am”

The elderly lady twisted in her seat and turned watery grey eyes on her. She grinned and the bottom row of  teeth in varying degrees of rot added to her grotesque appearance. Fury narrowed her eyes, looking past the grime. She’d have beet her nest egg the old woman had once been beautiful. There was a story there  but she didn’t have time to delve further.

She thrust her jacket out. “I thought you might like to have my coat. Its not a winter coat but it should keep you warm through the fall.” Fury nodded gently as she spoke.

The homeless woman narrowed her eyes and reached out before quickly snatching her hand back. The train screeched again as it made it’s next stop. She clicked the stops off in her head, her destination was coming up, she would need to get off soon. Fury held her breath and took a step forward. “Please, it will keep you warm. No strings, I promise.” She sent the clothing down on the seat and backed away.

Fury backed into the hard wall of a body, taller than her. She glanced back and up.

“That was extremely generous of you.” The great looking white guy’s voice flowed over her.

She held her ground. There was no such thing as coincidences. Gently she pressed her hand to her belly, the butt of her gun was solid reassurance. She was Fury, shed been in situations most folks couldn’t dream of. She twisted her head to watch the older woman put the jacket on. “It feels good to give to those in need, don’t you think?”

“I’m sure it does but then again you probably had an ulterior motive, eh Fury? Now that is an angry name, why would a beautiful woman pick such a harsh code name?”

She shifted, preparing to spin around. Two bullets in his gut and she would be off at the next stop. “Who exactly are you?” She uttered quietly, “I mean I should at least know the name of the man I’m killing.” She twisted pulling her gun and stabbing it into his stomach.

Cool steel , scraped her back at her waist. “Your fast, I’ll give you that but I bet I can sever your spinal cord before you can pull the trigger. Your loss of life would be a pity but hey a job is a job and for some reason there is a person in this world that wants you dead.”

“Well that’s just shitty.” Fury purse her lips as her assassin burst out in boisterous laughter.


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