A moment with Big Daddy Caine

Last year I was challenged to write a billionaire story. With the glut on the market I noticed a lot of readers losing faith in that particular theme. I accepted the challenge and Big Daddy Caine was born. I never expected him to take over and had no idea where him and Michon were going most days but I hung on and let them lead the way. Their story is different but damn what a ride. To celebrate the release of the book Caine was kind enough to sit down and answer readers questions.


Put your hands together in a warm welcome for Caine O’Shaunessy…

Kass: Hi Caine, thanks for taking the time out your busy schedule to sit down with me and the readers. They have several questions, some are rather personal. I hope that’s okay?

Caine: (A large smile brightens his face exposing that dimple in his cheek.) Give it your best shot. (He chuckles)

Kass: This question comes from Victoria –  I want to know what happened to Zelda. Is she really gone? Also, when’s the wedding? 😉

Caine: Hmm, Its been a few months since I saw Zelda. Last I heard she had hooked up with some lawyer and had taken on a couple of fighters on as their manager. My guys haven’t had to meet the in the Octagon yet so out of sight…out of mind. As for marriage, I never had any plans to marry Zelda. (He winks)

Kass: This question comes from Nikkia – Where is your son’s mother? Are you and Michon planning on having children?

Caine: Vin’s mom wasn’t ready for him. She stuck around for as long as she could and slowly disappeared from our lives. Vin is well aware of who his mother is and I support any decision he makes when it comes to her. At my son’s conception we were too young to realize what we had gotten ourselves into. I imagine it was a hard choice to leave our son with me. When you are listening to a crying baby that needs love an attention, well, I didn’t have a choice but to man up. As for Michon and children. She and I are still getting to know each other. If ad when the time is right we will cross that bridge.

Kass: Wow! Okay this question comes from Petra – Caine, you and Vin had such a good relationship. How do you manage that being a young father?

Caine: (Cocks his head and presses his lips together in a thoughtful expression) When Vin was growing up I was still maturing. My son and I learned a lot together. He knew I was his dad ad could/would kick his ass but being so young most times I understood where he was coming from so it wasn’t necessary. (Smiling now) Vin turned out to be a great kid and with Dylan’s and ma’s help I have no doubt he is a fantastic man. Being a teenage father I had a lot of help, a support system so strong I never felt like I was raising Vin by myself.

Kass: I gotta tell you Caine if I didn’t respect Michon so much I swear…anyway this question comes from Rebecca – Mr O’Shaughnessy , I’d like to know 2 things actually , 1 do you plan on expanding your gyms , to more of a national market , and 2 are there more like you at home ?

Caine: (Rich laughter fill the room) Thank you Kassanna. No Rebecca, I didn’t have plans to expand although Michon had mentioned it. I like where the gym is at the moment. We are finally consistently in the black and I have my hands full with fighters. If I expand my hands on attention will dwindle and I think everyone knows how hands on I like to be.  I’m an only child but I have a cousin, Dylan, He’s a little reserved but trust me when I tell you still waters run deep.

Kass: Caine, this question comes from me. What did you think of Michon’s mom?

Caine: I can see where Michon gets her tenacity and strength from. Ms. Alexander is a damn good cook. I have to add an extra hour to my training whenever I have dinner at her house.

Kass: Cool. This question comes from Michelle – Caine, where did the nick name “Big Daddy” come from?

Caine: Dylan actually, when I was fighting every tie I knocked someone out Dylan would get in their faces and ask them whose your daddy? Before I knew it folks were calling me Big Daddy.

Kass: You are a man of many talents. This question comes from Tiffany – Caine do you plan on working with Michon on some remolding jobs or having her help you with a rebuild? Also do you plan on you 2 living together?

Caine: If Michon needs me I am there. Right now its just her and I working on the brownstone. I like my space and she enjoys her’s but we have decided to tweak the apt above the gym and live there together. For some reason, she loves that space.

Kass – This is a interesting one from Victoria – Caine did Shai get hers after betraying Michon?

Caine: Shai lives with her mother now, Michon isn’t budging about hiring her back and I can’t blame her with family like that who needs enemies but Shai is her sister so they -in my opinion- should at least be cordial to each other. Dylan says we could use some help around the gym since I have been traveling with the fighters. Who knows anything could happen.

Kass: Here is a hot one from Dawn – I know I’mma get in trouble for this but I would definitely ask him to put some on me for just one night!!!!

Caine: (Chuckling) Dawn, If I could I would…

Kass: Caine you are a popular man. This came in from Petra – Caine, will you leave Michone for me? I have a free gym you can use and a case of coffee.

Caine: As tempting as your offer is I love Michon. Kishkove is single though and I know that guy lives on coffee. (Caine stands and stretches. His shirt inches up to expose ripped abs.) I have an appointment to train Conner today. It was good talking to you. have a great one Kass. (He walks out the room)

Friends, phew good gracious that man is fine. Hope you enjoyed the interview. Until later.



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