A New Year Is Coming – New Series and Updates on Current Books

Hi! I’m sorry it has taken me a while to get updates to y’all. There is a lot going on. My publisher released two books in the Pack Rulez series in Oct and Nov, Omega and Misere. I’ll post the links below. 🙂 I have gotten several e-mails about different series and I want to let y’all know where I am at. Since I mentioned Pack Rulez, I’ll start there.

Roar is the next book in the series. After that there will be three books left before I end the Pack Rulez. I’ll also post my writing schedule below. I promise I am working *Big Smile*

There are three books left in Shifter Legends and he next book will be Chaos & Treachery. Stick with me readers we are so close to the treasure I can taste it.

I am not sure how many books are left in Pride Riders, the characters haven’t told me yet. What I can tell you is Prowl is the next book in the series and it’s all about the resident Comedian Ari. I gotta tell you his mate is no joke. Wait until you find out what she shifts into…

Side note: Before I forget – Falling does have a follow-up  Rising. We will revisit Bobby Jack and Whit but the book itself is all about Riley. He has some secrets to tell. Rising will release Spring of 2015.

I brought up Falling and Bobby Jack first because that book gave me a great idea for a new series, Unexpected Hero’s. This will be a series of stand alone books with one thing in common. Every hero will be different and unlikely. I am kicking off this series with a release in December with A Hustler’s Christmas.  2015 is shaping up to be a wonderful year and I have some interesting stories lined up for y’all. I think they are fantastic but hey I’m biased so I will let you be the judge. As always I am only an e-mail away and if you want to talk just give me a shout out I respond to all e-mails.

Have a great Holiday Season and I will see you on the flip side.

Book release and writing schedule.

December 5, 2014 – A Hustlers Christmas (Unexpected Hero’s) releases. The book is currently up for preorder.A-Hustler's-Christmas-fullhttp://www.amazon.com/Hustlers-Christmas-Unexpected-Heroes-Book-ebook/dp/B00PL3SLXY/ref=sr_1_4?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1416815327&sr=1-4&keywords=Kassanna

January 16, 2015 – Big Daddy Caine (Book Two, Unexpected Hero’s) releases. I’ll post links up once I have them.

Big-Daddy-Caine-ebook-webFebruary 20, 2015 – Prowl (Book Three, Pride Riders) Releases

10169105_10202880176957146_1274349590_nCurently I am working on Chaos & Treachery and Roar. They will be released through my publishers Sugar & Spice Press and Amira Press. I am hoping they will be released sometimes during the months of March, April or May but that is subject to change.

Rising will release sometime in May or June.

There is one more book I need to mention is I have a little known book series, Through The Veil. I will be releasing the second book in that series Fe, Fi, Foe, Huh? (The title is a work in progress) in July.

Here are the links to Omega and Misere. See I didn’t forget. 🙂 Thanks again for hanging in there with me. We are in for one heck of a fantastic voyage.



4 thoughts on “A New Year Is Coming – New Series and Updates on Current Books

  1. Ms Kassanna I have read all your books so far just completed Misere today awesome really loved the love and passion between Loubel and Kiele didn’t want to put down and Omega OMGosh to learn Robbie’s story and how it ties everything together. I can’t wait for Roar’s story will hate to see the end of this series but I know you will have more books to read in the near future. I hope another book in the Lucky’s Charm series is in the cards really enjoyed. But my favorite is Falling took me out of my comfort zone but it was great.


    • I am pushing to get it out however I have had some family illness and that has taken a toll on my writing. I am adjusting my calender for a March release. I a aiming for the 1st or second week.

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