A Huge Thank You from Me to You

Hey there,

Sometimes, I get so caught up in my books that I conveniently forget the real world around me. An oversight on my part. One I would like to rectify by screaming at the top of my lungs, from the highest mountain top – THANK YOU! To all my followers, readers and supporters.  With every book I release you take this fantastic voyage with me and when you contact me to tell me your experience while reading a book of mine all I can do is smile. Not just a lift of my lips at the corners  but a huge, makes my cheeks hurt its so wide a grin. Good or bad my experience is wonderful because if you liked it then I did my job and if you didn’t well I take what you tell me and try to make the next book that much better. Thank you again for making story telling do damn wonderful.  Here’s to having more great stories to be told. Thank_you_card_many_languages_7796681

One thought on “A Huge Thank You from Me to You

  1. Are you going to continue the series you started with Pride Riders, Gargoyles and Men of the Void. They all allude to other books coming but it kind of feels like we are just hanging.

    Please advise.

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