Hello Friends! Hollar if you hear me!


penlogoHey y’all.

It’s been a minute since I had a chance to sit down and talk with you. Whoo, do we have a lot to discuss. First, I want to thank you as readers for sticking with me and keeping me on my toes. You folks are the bomb.com! Its your words and the little messages you send me that have gotten me through a number of days and I can tell you how much I appreciate you.

I wanted to give you a heads up. A lot you y’all have asked about books and releases and if there will be sequels to certain books. I hope to answer all your questions, here right now and if you have more then by all means post them and I will answer those too. 🙂 Here we go. Please not these are working blurbs and titles that haven’t been edited.

Next month Lucky’s Charm will be released. I’ waiting on the cover art  but I post the blurb below. I know it is coming out but I don’t have an exact date yet. I am in the process of edit at this time.

Lucky’s Charm

Landis Mitchell was stuck.

A bad day at the office just got a whole lot worse. Sucked into another world, she searches for a way home. Lost, she must depend on beings she has only  read about in fairy tales. Soon, she realizes just how wrong those stories were

Even in his world it was rare to see a woman fall from the sky.

Lucky saved a lass and knew without a doubt that she was the one meant for him.  So, he had a few issues to clear up before he could think about claiming her. A wanted elf bonded to a unicorn on the run with a giant, he’d had better days. But if it meant Landis staying, he was willing to battle banshees, conquer the trolls, and corral a centaur.

With a little finesse and a lot of loving, she just might be all the charm he needed.


The contract is signed for this next book. As yet I don’t have a release date or cover art. It is the 4th book in the Shifter Legends series. As soon as I have the information you all will be the first to know. Blurb below.

Beast Protector (A whole new meaning to failure is not an option.)

Magdalena Rafi didn’t want a mate. She found herself with two. Tasked with locating a treasure of immense value, her every step is dogged by two men yearning to claim her. Finding the next clue to the dragon horde just got more complicated.

Ratchet was a beast on a mission. Finding his other half broke a powerful connection to the dragon that kept him captive. His captor has become his competitor as both shifters seek to tame a powerful she-dragon. Only, she has other ideas.

Time is running out. Somehow they must find equal footing or everything gained will be lost. If she chooses wrong she runs the risk of being shackled to the wrong shifter forever.


The next book is coming out in Oct. I don’t have an exact date yet or a cover. Hopefully you will be excited to know that it’s time for Pack Rulez. This is Colin’s story. The Pack Rulez series has a separate schedule. Omega (The Pack Rulez beginning ) will release in Oct. Mio (Matos story) will release in November then Alpha (The other half of Colin’s story) will release in January. The blurb for Omega is below.

Omega (The Pack Rulez Beginning)

Colin Blaidd did it all for love.

She was his mate but fate kept them apart. He was a father with responsibilities not just to his family but to his clan. Avoiding the landmines in his life was a tedious lesson in patience. Robbie was worth the struggle. In the end he would possess her and lead the Shifter Nation. All it took was time.

A world she never knew existed.

Robbie was recruited by Malachai before she finished college to work in a government installation. She didn’t realize those very people she’d grown to trust would betray her. Playing a deadly game of charades she turned to the one man that had promised to protect her. Colin was both man and beast, a test subject. She hoped his savagery would be enough to save them all.


I am releasing a Christmas book, it should come out early December. I sincerely hope your ready for that ride. It will be a doozy. The title is A Christmas Hustle. Again more about that as I have information.

That is the schedule so far, as I have more info I will be posting it.

To address a question that some of you have asked. Falling does have a sequel. The title is Rising and it is Rileys story. As with all my books you will see the return of some charters lie Bobby Jack,  Whitney and Mama Mays. I know taking a journey through Falling was hard but I promise the trip is well worth the wait.

With regard to Falling I will leave you with this tidbit. Jessi does get out of jail for good behavior and she marries Andy. Looks like Issac will get his revenge after all. 🙂

To answer your questions about the Pride Riders. Ari is the hero of the next book, Prowl, and boy does he have his hands full. You’ll never guess what his mate is. Now I have the cover art for prowl but I don’t have a release date. I’m hoping sometime early next year, with in the first three months. Here is Ari.10169105_10202880176957146_1274349590_n

I hope I covered everything. Send me a shout out if I didn’t. Thanks again for being so wonderful. You folks have truly made my day on many occasions.

Until later, Kass

11 thoughts on “Hello Friends! Hollar if you hear me!

  1. I just started reading your books and they are very well written. I look forward to reading more so far I have read 8 of your books in two weeks time.keep them coming!

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