Trace is coming ~ Primal, Pride Riders Book 2

In Nov 2013 I released a free book  – Prey – as a thank you to my readers for all the support. I left it a cliff hanger, not on purpose. It just sort of happened. The response from that book was both humbling and overwhelming. Yeah a few of y’all let me know I was a low down dirty shame for it was leaving the end hanging like that.

I hope to redeem myself in your eyes…there were a few hiccups but Primal is now out. This is Trace’s book. Remember him the silent tiger. I think you will be surprised once you meet him. He is definitely a cat who likes to walk his own path as with most of the bikers in Pride Riders.



By any means necessary.
Shay Genovee made it her mission to bring her cousin home. Staring into the icy azure gaze of a tiger, she realizes she made some rash decisions. To escape the beast won’t be easy but does she really want to?
Her scent made him primal.
Trace Kuhn didn’t speak because he didn’t have too. As the only tiger in a pride of lions, he let his actions be his words. Until he met a woman whose mouthwatering aroma sent him over the edge of reason. He would have her at any price, even if it cost him his clan.

Note: This book contains a sexy tiger shifter who likes to play and a heroine who doesn’t know how. Between claiming a mate and hunting down the threat to the clan there is toy play, rimming,anal and a whole lot of loving going on.


He rotated his head and she was swung back along his body. She locked her arms around his thick neck and buried her face in the beast’s damp fur. He got them to the other side and she crawled up the moss covered bank, dropping flat and gulping in large amounts of air. Water filled her throat and spewed from her mouth as her stomach purged the liquid. She was flipped on her side as her gut painfully clenched until there was nothing left to come up. Chills made her teeth chatter as her core temperature dropped. Suddenly, she was hauled up. Trace was again a man and carrying her to a rock overhang directly in the sunlight. He laid her on the flat surface and yanked her shoes off then jerked the waterlogged denim material down her legs. She slapped at his hands when he slipped his fingers under the waistband of her panties. He growled and locked her fist in a tight grip as he ripped the underwear from her hips. Trace sliced through her top and continued to strip her.
Tears formed at the corners of her eyes and slid down her face as she turned her head. It was humiliating to be laid bare before him. A man she didn’t know. The sun warmed her skin and he clasped her chin making her face him. Shaking his head, he brushed the drops from her face laid down next to her. He pressed himself against her side and wrapped his arms around her body. The hair on his thighs tickled the side of her leg and his breath warmed her neck. Her breathing hitched as the heat from his form flowed into her. Her nipples tightened into hard peaks and her pussy tingled. She could feel her folds becoming slick. He constricted his hold, pushing her breast up.
She swallowed. This wasn’t supposed to be happening. Her emotions were all over the place and she couldn’t understand why. One minute she didn’t want him undressing her and now all she wanted was for him to possess her. His cock thumped her hip. And she groaned. He rose onto an elbow and looked down at her through narrowed eyes.
Trace outlined her lips with is index finger. She moved her face and he leaned forward laying his hand flat on the other side of her head.
“What have you done to me?” she whispered.
He pressed his lips together, opened his mouth then snapped his jaws shut again.
“Why do I feel this incessant need for you?”
He searched her face for something and everywhere his gaze touched felt like an intimate caress. His nose tapped hers and she folded her arms around his neck. He lowered his face, his mouth centimeters away from hers .
“Talk to me.” She pleaded against his lips.

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15 thoughts on “Trace is coming ~ Primal, Pride Riders Book 2

  1. Hi
    I really like the characters and plot for your Pride Riders Series.
    However, you may want to meet with your editor/ proofreader.
    Both books contain errors and repeated pages that interfered with the story.
    It may also be a glitch with the site that down loads your books.
    Good Luck,
    New Fan

    • Hi New Fan,

      That sounds like a glitch, My book go through a rigorous process to take care of any issues that may arise. Could you advise where you downloaded your book from so that I can double check the distributor. Thanks 🙂

  2. I fell in love with Trace!! wow he was an awesome alpha, please tell me that you will write a follow up story featuring him and his mate, the ending to their story was like a cliff hanger with many question left unsolved….please write another story and tie up loose ends, PLEASEEE…lol

  3. Hi! Love all your books! I’m looking forward to the rest of the Pride Riders series. Soooo…errr, when exactly can we expect Book 3? Please, please, pretty please!!

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