Pack is the word…

Ain’t no party like Pack Rulez party!!!

Welcome back to Volkshire! Step into the decorated foyer of the Blaidds home and get comfortable. Its the holidays and Tee has invited everyone, friends, family and allies to enjoy the celebrations.  There are even a couple of party crashers.

Visit with old friends and meet new ones as you walk through the world of shifters.



Party animals in every sense of the word.

To celebrate the holidays, the Blaidds have invited council members and allies to their Volkshire compound. And most of the shifters have accepted the invitation for their own reasons.

With so many Alphas and their mates coming together for the occasion, Christmas will never be the same.


The fella’s answered in unison. “Fre!”

“I’ll be happy to talk to her if we need something taken care of.” Donal’s tone took on a dreamy quality.

“I’ll do it. If ole Scar catches you making eyes at his woman, we’ll never find your body, and frankly with Sasha gone your skill set just became that much more valuable,” Eivan responded drily.

The knob twisted back and forth on the door. The fresh scent of laundered cotton tickled his nose. He narrowed his eyes, planting his feet as he waited for the door to swing open. It couldn’t be. He left her in Betaille. Hell, once the documents were signed he had the coyote tossed into the backseat of his truck, picked up the punk-ass puma, and got the hell up out of that town before the sun rose. One by one he watched his superiors, Alphas, take the fall, riding that bitch called a claiming with a dazed look in their eyes. He would not go out like that.

“Someone’s at the door,” Mac stated the obvious.

“Ya think?” Eivan stomped to the entry and wrapped is fingers around the handle to yank the door open. Mais stumbled over the threshold, her palms still wrapped around the knob. A brisk wind shoved her forward blowing through the entrance. Eivan grabbed her by the upper arm to keep her from falling. Her fragrance slammed into him, making it hard to catch his breath.

Their gazes met and he briefly witnessed his feelings mirrored in her dark caramel-colored eyes—desire and denial. She jerked from his touch as if he’d burned her. Straightening, she glanced around the great room. Mais hefted her backpack on her shoulder and dropped the overnight bag she’d been lugging on the floor. He watched his men discreetly sniff the air, their attention focused on the newcomer. Her odor clung to his palms and he wiped them down the leg of his jeans.

“Mais.” Eivan spoke through clenched teeth. “What brings you to sentinel headquarters, my barracks?”

She arched a thin brow and smiled slowly. “I was told by Boris to report here as Sasha’s replacement.”

“Hot damn!” Donal whistled. “Hello b-ugh-lady.”

Eivan ignored the interest his men were expressing and narrowed his eyes. “No one advised me of your employment.” He dug into his pocket for his cell phone.

“I guess you’re just not that high on the totem pole, huh?” She shrugged.

Eivan swiveled on his heel and stabbed the screen with his index finger. Boris’s name flashed and the icon with the tiny word “Dialing” appeared. In the background he could hear the smooth, smoky tone of Mais introducing herself to the fellas.

“Yeah?” Boris’s tone was clipped.

Eivan didn’t waste time with formalities. “Sasha’s replacement is not going to work.”

“Why the hell not?” the bear grumbled.

“She’s a boar.”

His boss chuckled. “And?”

“What are her qualifications?” Eivan heard a thread of desperation in his own voice.

“Sasha spoke very highly of her. Myka had her military record pulled. The chick is a Special Forces badass. Possibly better qualified than you…”


4 thoughts on “Pack is the word…

  1. ****Some Spoiler Alert Stuff****
    I have gotten the whole series thus far. It was a gift to myself! First, let me just say that Eivan and Mais being mates is brilliantly hilarious! It pained them both soooo much…lol!
    Second, I can already see the next generation with Keen and! That would be so cute!!!
    Is Kiele and Loubel next? They are very interesting, epescially Kiele.
    I love this series!

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