**Contest** Let’s Celebrate the release of Hiss!

Hellooo Friends.

His time has come…

Yes Jamison’s story is finally here and let me tell you, those peeps there. That couple took me on one hell of a roller coaster ride. I saw sides of that snake that cannot be unseen. *SMH* Any who – so me and the boys got to talking. Hiss is the 5th book out in the Pack Rulez series and they wanted to celebrate. I have to say it got a little tense for a minute when the Alpha’s from Betaille couldn’t agree with my fella’s from Volkshire.  And of course Jamison didn’t help by adding his two cents by saying that technically since it was his book maybe the info should reflect his clutch. Sorry I got ahead of myself. The guys agreed that t-shirts with their emblems was the way to go. The want to be able to recognize the non-shifting members of their clans. Volkshire, Betaille, Rattler, Eagle, they are opening up their world to us and I’m so excited I can’t wait to see where they take us next.

On that note I broke the stalemate. Volkshire is the first up to show off their emblems. Four claw marks, hey my boys like it simple. They also like plain colors, white, black and navy. There are four shirts to give a way and the contest will close on Monday evening. To e entered to win all you have to do is answer one question. Here’s the shirt by the way.

1384067_616995378353406_594893291_nReady? How does Seri know Boris?  Leave your answer in comments to be entered into the drawing to win.

In the mean time here is Hiss



Jamison Conda wanted a mate. Too bad as the newest member of the Shifter Council, he could no longer allocate time to finding one. Until he ran into his ex-lover and her child.

Marree Cottons is a shifter who cannot shift. Years ago she left the Constrictor Clutch with a secret. One she’d hoped to hide. Burdened with the knowledge she has a mate who doesn’t want her, she thrives as the town vet in Betaille.

But when Jamison arrives in town, old feelings resurface. Keeping her secret may be harder than she thought.

20 thoughts on “**Contest** Let’s Celebrate the release of Hiss!

  1. Boris and Seri were not only ex lovers but they were partners from when Boris was a Councils Enforcer…Seri wanted to be his mate and fur Boris to be Aloha and he wanted neither….

  2. Seri and Boris were lovers at one point.Boris didnt really like her for any long term thung but Seri had and probably still has desires to be the alpha bitch with Boris by herside even if it means the life of his brother Scar

  3. Boris and Seri are ex-lovers and they also used to work together back when Boris was an Council Enforcer..Crazy Seri wanted to be his mate as well as having Boris be the new Alpha of the Volkshire..but Boris was not having it and cut that crazy loose….

  4. Seri is the really bugaboo broad that Boris used to spend both personal and professional time with during his time as a Council Enforcer, of course.

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