Back to Back Releases! A little something for everyone.

I love to write. The idea of creating new worlds and populating them with people makes me happy.  I can sit all day talking to the characters getting to to know them. They become family. In my mind each book is part of the same universe just a different planet. My shifters all reside one place where as my contemporaries live someplace else.  Their one commonality is they are in my head and they can get very chatty. *So if you see me in the street talking to myself…pay me no attention because I’m probably talking to one of my peeps* Whoo, back in the day someone would have had me committed to the crazy house. LOL! Good thing my family understands.  So, getting back to the title. The folks of Pack Rulez are always talking to me, the Alphas whispering to me why they should be next to find a mate.  I don’t mind after all the fellas are bad.

In the latest book we meet Etienne, a good ole Cajun with his heart set on Sasha, a Volkshire sentry. Watch the sparks fly as their story unfolds…did I mention he was a gator.


Etienne Mouton is Alpha to the American Alligator Set. As part of the pact with the Volkshire Pack, they will be exchanging sentinels in an ongoing training program. He never expected the first guard to arrive in Betaille to be his mate or that she could get in so much trouble.

Sasha was taken in by the Volkshire Pack at the lowest point in her life. She owes them. So when they ask her to do a little spying on their new partners, she has no problem with that. She never expected to become entangled in their community or meet a gator that miraculously appears whenever she finds herself in trouble.

The agreement forged between Volkshire and Betaille will be beneficial to both parties, but to have Sasha, Etienne is willing to sever any alliance.

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So on the other hand, I have another release and these peeps have been talking to me for a while. I simply couldn’t ignore them anymore. They led me down a rather twisted road and convinced me to write my first erotic horror. I know what your thinking…it’s not gory. This book is more along the line of those great classics, spine tingling suspense.  It was a long time coming but I finally got their story told and even I had to sit back and say whoa.  Join Paul and Malia as they fight to unravel a mystery only to wind up as part of the plot in Making Monsters.

Maaking Monsters2x3

Healthy men are dying…

Malia Shelly, a Viksburg CSU team leader, is simply doing her job when she makes a connection between the murder cases. After digging a little deeper, she discovers that every man killed has one or more missing body parts.

Paul Egan, assistant coroner, has been assigned to autopsy each body. When he signs off on their release paperwork, they leave his unit whole. They’re not arriving at their destinations that way. He enlists Malia’s help to quietly investigate the deaths.

Bad things can happen when you get too close to someone’s secret and a coincidence puts them in the lair of a serial killer. Now the couple must fight to stay alive in a chamber of horrors and there is only way to stop the carnage. Get free and expose the murderous psychopath hiding in plain sight.

Death is not an option.

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So you see this is why I write. Gotta give those folks in my head a voice and now I must head back into me closet because someone else has decided now is the perfect time to talk over coffee no less. Catch y’all later. Until then, Kass.

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