Welcome to your next stop on Decadent Publishing’s Blog Tour with LaVerne Thompson!

Hi, my name is LaVerne Thompson. I also write romantic suspense as Ursula Sinclair and I’m happy to be here today as part of Decadent Publishing’s A Buck A Book Win A Nook blog tour.


I thought I’d introduce you to River Blu. In her own words.

Well hello everyone. My name’s River Blu and I’m a mega rock/pop star or so the tabloids say. *shrugs* Personally I’m just me. Don’t get me wrong I can be the diva of all divas too. And I seem to be acting like that more and more around a certain bodyguard, my nemesis, Noah Lorren, childhood best friend, love of my life. *snorts* But he hates me now and after what I did, who can really blame him. So I act up to get a reaction from him, but all he cares about is putting himself between me and harm. When I’d rather he puts himself between something else. *sighs* I’m not a fool. I care about my life and know some nut job is trying to scare me. Yet the thing I fear most is after the crazed fan is caught, Noah walking away from me again. I can’t let that happen. He loved me once. I need him to love me again.


Something Blue- The Guardian Agency Series Book 2

By Ursula Sinclair


What happens when dreams come true, but it’s not all it was supposed to be?

River Blu’s music has made her the stuff of legend, she’s every bit a rock star who dominates the pop charts. But through the years a secret haunts her, making it impossible to give her heart to anyone or anything other than her music.

When River’s life is in danger she turns to Noah for help. They have a history together, one he’d like to repeat, with a different ending. But first he has to figure out who from her past is trying to kill her.


LaVerne Thompson is the author of several works in the contemporary, fantasy and sci/fi genres. She also writes romantic suspense with an edge under her alter ego Ursula Sinclair. She loves to hear from readers.






One thought on “Welcome to your next stop on Decadent Publishing’s Blog Tour with LaVerne Thompson!

  1. I have read all three books in the detective series and enjoyed all three very much. I would like to know are there any new books in the series?

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