Decadent Publishing is doing something Different.

I don’t usually talk about my publishers. I think it goes without saying that I believe I have some pretty awesome ones. It’s sort of a given since anybody that’s willing to take me and my work on are freakin’ spectacular. Yes, I admit I ca be a handful and not in a bad way just a my typing skills suck kinda way so my editors have the patience of job when it comes down to me and my manuscripts. *Hangs head* Sorry I am slipping down ala slippery slope so let me climb on back up here.


Decadent is doing a blog hop and it’s pretty cool. They put several books on sale for .99 cent. Yes you read right under a buck. Here’s the list ~

Awaken the Demon–Shiela Stewart
The Naughty Angel– Shiela Stewart
Daughter of Lust–Ann Mayburn
Amber Moon–Ann Mayburn
Night With a Dom–Casea Major
White Wedding–Ursula Sinclair
Something Blue–Ursula Sinclair
Last Request–Arlene Webb
Falling For Water–Arlene Webb
The One he Chose–Wendy Burke
Respite- Wendy Burke
Senator Mine–Kerry Adrienne
These books average between 3 and 5 dollars  easy so if you’ve been itching to get your hands on one now is the time. My personal favorite is Something Blue. Just saying. 🙂
That being said they’ll also be doing a giveaway. Let me explain. Buying one of those book at a buck puts you in a drawing for a nook tablet. Bet that caught your interest… click on this link for more details. and stay tuned because I will be hosting one of these fabulous authors right here on 5/31.
Until later my friends. Kass

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