SCAR and another DRAWING!

Hello my friends,

First let me congratulate taina1959. her name was drawn for the Back List Blog Hop giveaway. Thank you all for your participation.

Seems I was remiss in my duty and failed to let y’all know that Scar had been released. My boy Scar, came out strong, which I would hope for since he’s the Alpha for the Volkshire pack. It also takes a strong woman to understand a strong an and I think Fre fits that bill to the “T”. So without further ado please meet Scar, aka Rhys Blaidd, and Fre. She’s not fond of using her full name.


Rhys Blaidd is Alpha to the Volkshire Pack. He and his people have kept to the fringes of the shifter world, his clan a pack of sentinels, known as war wolves. When an attempt to kidnap his son pulls him back into the politics of the wolf packs, hard decisions are made.

Fre Niles is a stripper that saved a puppy from an irresponsible owner. Her one kind act has now thrust her into the shadowy world of shifters and thrown her between two rival wolf packs.

Protecting his people is paramount but one whiff of Fre’s scent and a taste of her body… To keep her he may have to start a war.

Excerpt ~
Rhys sat down heavily in his office chair and stared at the destruction he’d caused. The deep gouges in the wall and the upturned furniture were a testament to his anger. A quick knock, and his younger brother, Myka, stuck his head through the hole in the door. Rhys watched his sibling’s eyes widen at the damage that he’d inflicted to the room. Pain stole through him. He placed a hand on chest over his heart and bunched the fabric of his shirt in a fist. Inhaling deeply through his nose, he banked the rage still running through him and placed a tight rein on his emotions. The sweet scent of his son wafted under his nose. Grief rushed through him anew. He bit back the change that was threating to overtake him. The wolf in him wanted to rip and tear into the unseen foe that had taken his son. But he had to find the bastard first. Willing himself to stay in human form, he threw his head back and howled, pouring all his anguish into that one note.

“Are you finished now?” Myka asked drily. He pushed the door open, and it fell off its hinges.

Rhys snapped his mouth shut. His teeth would prevent him from speaking clearly. He closed his eyes. Slowly his canines and claws receded. He opened his eyes to gaze at his brother. “It’s not your child who has disappeared.” Rhys spoke through clenched teeth.

“True, considering I don’t have any children. But this is not the time to lose your head. The pack needs you and let’s face it, whoever took him will have their hands full. That little heathen is the devil incarnate.” Myka crossed his arms over his chest.

“Regardless, Keen is still a child, my child, and I want him found yesterday.”

Myka walked farther into the room. “The boy probably wandered off. We both know he has an insatiable curiosity.”

“He likes to play, he’s a boy, but it’s more than that. I feel it in my bones. I want you to put a sentinel in every fucking town between here and the city and make them understand I want them searching for Keen. I also want our allied packs notified that Keen is missing. Send them pics of him in both human and wolf form. ”

“That’s quite a few men. There will be no one left to guard the town.”

“Are you refusing to follow my orders, brother?” Rhys growled

“Not at all. I’m only thinking of the protection of our people.” Myka took a step back closer to the doorjamb.

“Understand something. There is nothing more important to me than Keen. When I find out who took him I will rip off their heads and defecate down their throats. Then I will leave their body parts scattered in the woods surrounding this town as a warning that nobody—no fucking body—takes what’s mine. Do you really want to stand in my way, Myka?”

A knock on the doorjamb drew their attention. Keen’s nanny, Lori, stepped over the threshold. Her eyes were puffy and bloodshot from the tears she’d shed. “Keen’s scent has been found in the woods. Security is requesting that you come immediately.”

Rhys was up and out the room and shedding his clothes as he ran down the hall. He shifted into his wolf and rushed through the front door as someone opened it. He basked in the breaking and reformation of his bones as he became the monster of old lore. Skidding to a stop at the end of the walkway, he raised his nose to the air and pumped his hind legs as he put on a burst of speed toward the woods. His nails dug into the soft grass as his paws carried him closer to the last known place his son had been. He veered off onto the trail. Clumps of dirt and vegetation flew up behind him as he ran full out into the forest.

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Now onto the Drawing.


Follow the link below to my face book page and I have a little valentines day contest going. All you have to do is tell me which one of my books was your favorite. I will be pulling a name on Friday, February 8th and shipping it out that Saturday to ensure you receive it in time to wear on Valentines day. No you do not have to be a friend of mine to participate. Have a great week!

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