Thank you for a wonderful 2012!

Hey ya peeps, Happy New Years!

The holidays will soon be over and I really wanted to find a way to thank you. As I racked my brain for something to show my appreciation I happened into my daughters room. I was double checking to make sure she did her chores and spied how she’d covered one wall with posters. You fantastic folks mean a lot to me so I want to start  2013 with a thank you  for a great 2012. You Readers Rock!

To kick off the New Year I have signed 11 x 14 posters from each of my books and will be giving away the poster along with author swag every day for first 15 days of month.  To be placed in the drawing all you have to do is leave a comment and I will start choosing names via on January 1st. Don’t forget to leave your e-mail address and your choice of posters in the comments.

Thank you again for a wonderful 2012 now lets make 2013 spectacular!

ACFH 41MIHC1M661438A pussyK_Sexual Healing_200x300SGW-1Tell-Touch-FeelKMS-1WHIP-ME__78578_stdThe_Keys_to_Victory_Final_Front_Cover_3_29_2012_4_AMSexOughtaBeLuciousSM209_309BoazK_Scar_300x450

13 thoughts on “Thank you for a wonderful 2012!

  1. I’m partial to Make it happen Captain or Scar. Just saying 🙂 I’ll hand it next to my bar in the basement.
    I loved meeting you this year and hope for a long friendship.

  2. What a fantastic idea! Personally I agree Scar is my favorite, but I’m also partial to Spells Gone Wild and Sexual Healing. Especially those abs on the last one. I just know that’s why she’s smiling!

  3. Thank you Ladies! Rachelle I understand! It was a pleasure meeting you Beverly too. I just want to pet Scar, Chacelyn and Sharon it was great to meet you too. I appreciate the comments. Cora I bet our friends lasts through the ages. Josie I’m partial to all my covers which I think is part of my problem. 🙂

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