We have a winner for my blog…and other stuff!

Hey ya peeps,

Thank you for participating in the Evernight Blog Hop, I plugged all the numbers into random.org and they gave me a winner. Drum roll please…the winner is…April Holgate. I have a Christmas present for you! Again I thank you all for your participation. I love seeing you so always feel free to stop by and give me a shout.

So lets talk about Christmas.

I love the holiday as a whole unfortunately it doesn’t get as chilly down her in Florida as I would like. *Long sigh* But I can where shorts on Christmas day so I really shouldn’t complain. *Big grin* As far as I’m concerned hot or cold there is always time to read a book. So I tend to curl up and sit in the corner of my sofa with a great find from one of my fav authors. Speaking of which, allow me to show you my holiday releases.


661438Madison Chase has spent Christmas alone for years. It doesn’t bother her, it’s actually preferential. Duncan Jacobson saw her picture on the company website, now he can’t get her off his mind.
When an opportunity presents itself, Duncan portrays himself as the company’s internal auditor with the directive of shutting down the mall Madison manages. Madison can’t let that happen.In an effort to save her job and those of her friends she agrees to Duncan’s outrageous holiday offer…The question then becomes.
If you were blackmailed by a man you actually wanted… would it be blackmail?

Buy Link:http://www.amazon.com/Who-Gives-an-Elf-ebook/dp/B006O2GBGK/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1355791569&sr=1-1&keywords=Who+Gives+an+Elf




MIHC1MCyn Fuller needed a get-away. She hoped to escape the usual family drama by taking a cruise over Christmas, and she was looking forward to the experience of a lifetime.
Her vacation wasn’t one she expected…the single’s cruise would have been perfect for her grandmother. Cyn was stuck for four days traveling with the geriatric crowd and fending off indecent proposals by much older men that popped Viagra like Pez candies.
Marcus Nickels was the youngest man in the fleet to ever be appointed captain. He took his job seriously, and the Christmas holidays were simply work days. That is until he rescued a mocha beauty from the clutches of a very persistent elderly gentleman while in port.
Then he saw her on deck and Marcus devised a plan of seduction guaranteed to make their holiday unforgettable.

Buy Link: http://www.amazon.com/Make-it-Happen-Captain-ebook/dp/B00ALREJHC/ref=sr_1_5?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1355791720&sr=1-5&keywords=Kassanna



ACFHHope Springs isn’t looking forward to the holidays and would prefer to skip them all together. Left pregnant, she works long hours as a physical therapist to make ends meet. Through a twist of luck she inherits Lucas MacIntyre, the surliest of patients known to make his caregivers cry.

Lucas is an Afghanistan war vet who lost his leg and most of his personality in combat. He’s miserable and doesn’t care who knows it. Then he meets Hope with her infectious smile and soft voice.

Will they able to see beyond the hurt to realize they are exactly what they need for each other?

Buy Link: http://passioninprint.com/ShowBook.php?CR=K_ACHRISTMASHOPE





41Coming 12/21 The First book in the New Angels and Demons Series

In an act of unselfishness, Julia suffered atrocities only man could inflict on their fellow man. Death was her punishment for a love freely given. Reborn as angel, she now collects the souls of the dying to escort them to heaven. But the pain of her untimely death lingers and on its anniversary she revisits her home, only to relive her shame.

Uriel saw her over a century ago as she was escorted through the gates of heaven by his brethren Metatron himself. After a while the pull he felt toward her could no longer be denied but even angels have rules and he follows them. Watching, making sure she was safe until his request is approved.

On Christmas Eve he receives word. After a hundred years of silence he could follow through with his plans to make Julia “Angel Mine”

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