Spells Gone Wild Releases Today!!!

What would you do if you turned your future mother-in-law into a toad?

Everything was coasting along until Kezia accidentally turned Doreen into a toad. Her neighbors already have a hard time dealing with her, if they find out she’s a witch,albeit a bad one, well all bets will be off…

Oh, the woes of dealing with future in-laws.

Dominic knew Kezia was different but he is determined to marry her. Nothing is ever normal with her but on the day of Halloween she’s acting a little stranger than usual. On top of that his mother,Doreen, is missing…

Some days it’s just better to stay in bed. One way or another Kezia has to fix her problem or lose the man she loves. And do it before Halloween ends.

Today I am posting a brand spanking new excerpt that will only be seen here. Enjoy my friends and thanks for following me. Have a fantastic Thursday.

Dominic reached a long arm out and slapped the alarm clock.
He drew his hand back and cracked open one eyelid when the shrill
ringing continued. His cell phone shook on the nightstand, bumping
along until it dropped off the edge and the irritating tone was muffled
by the thick carpet. He twisted to lean over the mattress and realized
Kezia was wrapped around him. Half of her body lay across his, one
leg was thrown over his thigh, and her arm was draped around his
shoulders. Her face was buried in the crook of his neck. He gently
extracted himself, careful not to wake her, and snatched the phone
from the floor.
“If my office isn’t burning, hang up now.” He spoke low into
the mouth piece.
“Dominic? Dominic, is that you?” Doreen. His mother’s voice
sounded distant.
“Yeah, ma, it’s me. What’s wrong?”
“Why are you whispering?”
“Kezia is asleep.” He pulled the phone from his ear and ran his
finger over the screen to check the time. “Ma, it’s four in the morning.
Is everything okay?”
“Of course everything is not okay, but why would it matter
when you have your precious Kezia? God forbid you wake her by
talking to you mother.”
“You called at this time of night to complain about Kezia?”
Dominic levered himself up and back into bed.
“No, I don’t feel well, honey. My stomach is queasy, and I’m
having cold sweats. I want you to go to the twenty-four hour
pharmacy and pick me up some medicine.”
“Can’t it wait for morning? I’ll come by before I go to work.”
“I could be dead by morning.”
“Really, ma. I’ve got two more hours of sleep before I have to
get up. I’ll be over in the morning.”
“That woman has ruined you. You never use to tell me no. I
told you she was bad—”
“I’ll see you in the morning, mom. I love you.” He tapped the
end button on his phone and wiped a hand down his face.
“Everything alright?” Kezia rested her chin on her folded
hands and looked up at him. A rueful smile was on her face.
He traced an index finger across her upper lip. He loved her
and wanted to marry her no matter what anybody in their little
insulated town thought, including his mother. Kezia whipped through
Jaded Falls like a F5 tornado and turned his world on its ear. She’d
bought the old farm that had belonged to the Florins, one of the
community’s founding families. At a council meeting she announced
she would be turning it into a bed and breakfast. He chuckled. Most
people in this municipality did not like change. Hell, they fought it
tooth and nail. The idea of bringing outsiders to their little slice of
heaven for an authentic but relaxing farm experience had many folks
up in arms. A lot of people would have backed down, given up, and
let the district have their way.
Not his Kezia. Put her in a corner, and she came out fighting.
She filed for permits, and when the board members dragged their feet,
she got a lawyer. The way she worked the system was a thing of
beauty. That’s how he met her, inspecting her roof so she could get
permit approval. He settled lower in bed and pulled her close to lay
her head on his chest. The fact that she was smart was fantastic, but
her beauty, in his book, it was legendary. She kept her hair in tiny
braids that curled around his finger, and her skin was the color of milk
chocolate. Her eyes were so dark he wasn’t sure if they weren’t black,
and she had the cutest button nose. He loved her figure. She was
voluptuous and the perfect size for him. Come hell or high water he
was marrying her.

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