Birthday Bash Blog Hop Winners and a little something extra…

Hi and Happy Saturday.

I want to thank all of you again for stopping buy last week. I appreciate you taking the time to visit with me. That being said, originally I was only going  to choose one winner but you readers rock like no tomorrow so I ended up choosing three. You ladies get a choice of any book from my Evernight Back List and I’m even throwing the new one in the mix (Spells Gone Wild) however it will not be available until 10/18 so if you choose it I won’t be able to send it right away. Below are my Evernight releases.

The winners are … Sheri V, Bookattict, and Delphina


Now for the little something extra…

I have two releases this month. Spells Gone Wild


Everything was coasting along until Kezia accidentally turned Doreen into a toad. Her neighbors already have a hard time dealing with her, if they find out she’s a witch,albeit a bad one, well all bets will be off…

Oh, the woes of dealing with future in-laws.

Dominic knew Kezia was different but he is determined to marry her. Nothing is ever normal with her but on the day of Halloween she’s acting a little stranger than usual. On top of that his mother,Doreen, is missing…

Some days it’s just better to stay in bed. One way or another Kezia has to fix her problem or lose the man she loves. And do it before Halloween ends.


And my second release comes from Sugar and Spice Press on 10/27


A virus has broken out within the vampire colonies and Rebecca has been tasked with locating a virologist that could help her kindred scientist locate a cure.

She’s found the one man that could help them, maybe too late.

Damian Micheals is a virologist that enjoys the puzzle of the human body. He’s more than a little enthralled when a mocha beauty lands in his lab asking for his help. Of course he’s more than willing to hear her out and get to know her better until she tells him her tale and he decides that her beauty isn’t worth the price of putting up with her insanity.

Vampire’s do not exist. Until he is attacked.

Now they are running in a race against time to find a cure that would save her people and keep them from preying on his and all it may take is a little sexual healing.

Stay tuned as the release dates get closer I will be posting excerpts. TTYL.

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