Meet My Peeps! Hero Interviews

Welcome to my home away from home. Grab a seat and I’ll let one of my cabana boys get you a drink. *Raises hand to get Maliks attention.*  Name your passion my boys are here to serve. Now sit back and get comfortable. Let me introduce you to my hero’s. This is Duncan, he’s the hero of Who Gives an Elf? and has been known to be a bit of a bad boy.

Madison Chase has spent Christmas alone for years. It doesn’t bother her, it’s actually preferential. Duncan Jacobson saw her picture on the company website, now he can’t get her off his mind.

When an opportunity presents itself, Duncan portrays himself as the company’s internal auditor with the directive of shutting down the mall Madison manages. Madison can’t let that happen.In an effort to save her job and those of her friends she agrees to Duncan’s outrageous holiday offer…The question then becomes.

If you were blackmailed by a man you actually wanted… would it be blackmail?

I would also like to introduce John.  He’s the hot owner of  Club Lexx and a man of few words. If we’re good, maybe he’ll grace us with a tidbit or two to wet our appetite for more tantalizing tales.

Mattie couldn’t believe her luck…

Not only had the Lexington Corporation agreed to fund her grant for the small organization she’d founded for abused women but she also received a complimentary ticket to the year’s hottest party. The Erotic Exotic Event. Mattie’s pleasure was two-fold. This was her chance to thank J. Lexington personally for choosing her little charity, and she could let loose a little from her stodgy persona to do it. She had no clue what she was in for.

John was a strong believer of giving back to the community which was why he chose a non-profit entity to support every year. What he didn’t expect was the latte beauty, who looked like a librarian with the moves of a stripper, to come bounding through the club’s gold doors. When the opportunity presented itself, he snatched it with both hands.

That’s when things really start to heat up.

Of course I couldn’t forget Travis. The sexy man who isn’t afraid to kick his way into the unknown and take what he wants with both hands. I definitely wouldn’t mind getting on a cycle and riding the open road with him.

Travis Ward tracked his missing sister down to Louisiana. Once there, no one would help him, claiming not to handle his type of missing person’s case. Instead, he’s referred to a sexy Voodoo priestess.

Henriette Chaisson never expected a man like Travis to be standing on her porch or the way her body reacted to him. When he explained his problem she understood everyone’s reluctance to help. It delved into the world of the paranormal.

Together, they track his sister down and their attraction for each other quickly becomes distraction leaving Travis to make the most difficult decision of his life.

“Thank you coming by. I still can’t believe your here.The three of you are alike and yet so intricately different. Travis if you don’t mind I’d like to start my questions off with you?” I weave my fingers together and place my hands in my lap.

The auburn haired man nodded slowly as he crossed his arms and leaned back in his club chair. “Okay.” The two other men snickered.

I smiled to put him at ease.  “How is Henri?”

Travis smiled wide and his green eyes twinkled at the mention of her name. “She’s good. Wondered why you didn’t invite her to this little fan fest.”

“Cause today is all about the hero’s.” I respond and swivel in my chair to face John. “Good Evening.”

He acknowledges me quietly leaning forward he picks up his glass to sip his cognac. “Yes.”

“How are you and Mattie getting along?”  I inquire.

“Very well, but you already know that.” John cocked a brow.

Clearing my throat. I glance at Duncan. His playboy nonchalance can be deceiving. He combed his fingers through his hair and answered before I even posed a question. “Madison is fantastic, working hard. If that covers this interview I’d like to get back before she comes home.”

“How did you know that was my question. I may have wanted o know something different.” I pursed my lips. It seems my boys are now too busy for me.

“Really, then what was your question?” Duncan leaned forward in his seat .

“Fine, that was my question so allow me to ask you this. “How did you feel when you first saw Madison.”

Duncan got this faraway look in his eye and when he finally focused on me a hint of a smile lifted the corner of his mouth. “My heart stopped. Right then I knew there was no other woman for me and honestly I wasn’t planning to look any further.”

I was caught off guard by his answer so I turned toward Travis. “What about you, how does Henri make you feel?”

He ran his knuckles across his bearded cheek. “I’d walk through hell to stand at her side.

“Alrighty then.” I look at John. “And what does Mattie do for you?”

He pinned me with his stare and deep crevices carved his cheeks. “Everything and nothing less than I would do for her.”

“Wow!” I exhaled. “Last question. I’ll start with you, this time, John. Do you prefer sweet or sour?”

“Excuse me.”

“Finally I’ve thrown the man for a loop.” I giggle. Boy did that feel good. I spoke slowly enunciating each word. “Sweet or Sour?”

“I swear Kassanna you are…never mind. I like a little sweet to my sour like a little pain with my pleasure.”

“Okay what about you Duncan. Sweet or sour?”

Duncan shook his head and snorted. “I like sweet, like that last piece of chocolate that you savor as it melts on your tongue.”

“Nice.” I turn my gaze to Travis. “Okay your turn. Sweet or Sour.”

Travis grunted. “Neither, I prefer spicy like that first taste of gumbo that make you smack your lips together as your taste buds erupt in orgasmic pleasure.’

I chuckle. “Really Travis you never cease to amaze me. I think we’ll conclude our interview on that note. Thank you for coming by tell the girls I said hello.”

They rise from their chairs each prepared to return to their story and as they leave I lean back in my seat. These are my hero’s and I wouldn’t change them for the world.

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  1. Hey lady, I really need to add your books to my TBR list and i have so much to catch up on. Also I must say how disciplined of a blogger you are. I could learn a thing or two from you. Hugs Kassanna

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