I have a hard time letting go…

I have been thinking about this a lot over the last week. I honestly believe I have an issue with letting go. I write books as I’m sure most of you know. At the end of each book I am usually moved to tears because I must say goodbye to those characters. Throughout the story, short or long, I have put their words on screen and listened to them gripe or scream in ecstasy depending where I’m at in their story. But like all good things, eventually it comes to an end.

That’s where I am standing at this moment in time. I’m staring at the end of my manuscript and saying goodbye to characters that have become my best friends over the last few weeks. I have been continually surprised by the twist and turns my peeps have made in their story. They have had a wild ride and I have to thank them for letting me come along, so I could tell their story.

Now after reading this you probably think I have lost my mind. At the beginning of this path I’ve chosen…well…I gotta tell you I thought for sure I was going stark raving mad. And yes I did talk to some -umm- people in white lab coats. Rest assured, I was told I hadn’t lost my ever loving mind.

But sitting here at 2 am because I can’t sleep and listening to my muses (the twins) introduce me to yet new folks who want me to tell their story I honestly have to wonder.  With all the voices going on in my head, I could make Sybil (yes I am showing my age too) look sane. Since I’ve shared with you the inner workings of my mind, please allow me to introduce you to the latest couple I’ve had to say goodbye to.

Meet Boaz and Chantale. Now these two were a hoot to hang out with.

Chantale, an agent with the D.O.D., hasn’t seen her ex-lover in five years. That changes when a succubus accidentally kills a man and Chantale has to make the arrest. The wraith’s sentence: a one way ticket back to hell.
Boaz steps in and obtains a release for her prisoner at the last minute. Now he’s back and he has not changed…much.
He left her to keep her safe, but now he’s been ordered to catch a rogue demon that’s killing humans by interfering with their freewill, an action that threatens to destroy the great agreement between Heaven and Hell. Of course, just his luck, his bait gets caught breaking demon law.
In order to complete his task, he must deal with the D.O.D and his liaison is none other than Chantale, the sexy woman he hurt so long ago…and she isn’t exactly happy to see him.

Welcome to the 1st book in my new series, coming this fall. The Department of Demonology. I gotta say, after thinking about maybe this isn’t goodbye after all.

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