Freakfest Friday

  This Friday I am posting a sexy excerpt from my newest release Tell Me, Touch Me. Feel Me.  This is the third book in my Club Lexx series and quite possible my favorite. But don’t tell John, Adam, Alex or any of my other hero’s. Any who here’s the snippet. You might want to get a glass of water before you start reading.


Luther trailed his fingers down her torso, circling her belly button before slipping lower to brush against her labia. As he slid his fingers into her thick folds, Tanya shuddered and thrashed her head on his shoulder. Running his finger up and down, he pressed on her small nub and she bucked her hips against his hand. Circling her clit with his fingers, he resumed tugging on her bud. A keening wail pushed past her lips as she ground her pussy against his hand. Moving his digits from her clit, he dragged them through the sensitive tissue of her pussy and slipped two fingers into her channel. She placed her palms on the lip of the tub and moved up and down riding his fingers.

Tanya swiveled her hips, his thumb pressed down on her clit, while his dick glided between her ass cheeks. A fluttering built in the pit of her stomach. Her grip tightened on the tub’s rim, the tile’s edge cutting into her fingers.

His lips pressed against the shell of her ear. “Come for me, baby.” He flicked his wrist and rubbed his thumb in a circular motion against her nub. Tanya arched her back, sending water careening over the tub sides and crashing onto the floor. Waves washed through her, pulsating from the ball of nerve endings at her core, and her screams echoed, bouncing off the tiled walls. She slumped down against his chest as her body hummed from the orgasm she’d had. He kissed her shoulder as she lay placidly against his body.

Tanya took in deep breaths. “You didn’t come.”

“I was taking your edge off. That was just the appetizer to me. We still have a few courses to get through.”

Happy Friday friends Thanks for checking out my freakfest. See you next Friday.

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