Freakfest Friday…Lets talk about sex.

Happy Friday Peeps.

I love sex. There I said it. Now that I’ve put that out there, let’s talk. The human form is a beautiful thing and some of the things we could do with said limbs, lips and muscles… well lets just say I believe I have high-five the hand of God on more than one occasion. Yes I went there. There is something about when your significant other hits just the right spot and you two get on the same page in terms of rhythm and movement. When your hands start yanking on hair and quite possibly spanking that ass. Or better yet  when their lips wrap around a nipple and tug or roll that hard nub across their tongue. Yes, oh yes that is an unbelievable feeling, now substitute your nipple and replace it with a clit or that beautiful muscle I often refer to in my books as the cock-head.

Ready to be shocked? I consider myself a prude.

Yeah, I laughed out loud at that statement too. Seriously though, I am. Everything I learned or tried or even thought about came from a book and I am not referring to the Kama Sutra or The Joys of Sex Manuals. I’m talking bout those low down, get in your face, make you want to touch yourself, erotic novels.  I love to write and I want my words to make you sizzle and it is because of those books that I want to do so. It is also my wish to pay homage to those writers that made the erotic genre of romance what it is today. You ladies and gentleman rock! With that said I leave you with a sexy snippet from my short story – Type Dirty to Me. It was released in the Keyboards and Kink anthology from Evernight Pulishing. Enjoy my friends see you next Friday.

At my desk, everyone’s gone. My nipples are so hard. They are like sharp points pushing against the cups of my bra. I want you, my White Knight. [Blackqueen77]

Daria glanced over her shoulder as she slowly unbuttoned the first few button on her blouse, pushed her hand under the fabric and beneath the elastic band of her bra. Taking the erect nub between her thumb and index finger she tugged. A small moan escaped through her lips as she rolled the bud between her fingers. In her mind she saw what she’d built up the white knight to look like. Dark hair flowing over broad shoulders, a body toned sleek, a fighter’s physique. He would have a captivating face with beautiful eyes. Funny, she could never decide on a color but now she saw them as a crisp clear blue. Daria imagined it was his hands groping her heavy orbs.

She jumped when her phone chimed.

What are you doing? [Whiteknight1975]

Playing with my tits, tugging on my rigid nipples. Imagining it’s your hands on my body. [Blackqueen77]

Daria licked a few of her fingers, moistening them, and reached into her clothes again. Using her wet fingers, she circled her areola. Her dark brown flesh pebbled under her administrations, and she dreamed it was white knight’s mouth sucking her nipples into his mouth. Pushing her legs straight out in front of her she dropped her head back and continued to unbutton her shirt.  Completely exposed she brushed the sides apart and pushed her bra cups beneath her breasts. Placing a hand on each orb she pulled and twisted her nipples. Rubbing her thighs together, she felt the tug from her nubs pull in her pussy. Her juices pooled in the folds of her nether-lips and she rolled her hips from the warm sensation.

The beep of her phone brought her back to reality.

My dick could break this desk right now, I’m so hard. Dip a finger in your pussy and tell me how good you taste. Press your thumb against your clit and know it’s my tongue inside you. [Whiteknight1975]

Daria pulled at her belt, anxious to fulfill his wishes. Her fingers kept slipping on the two metal clasps that held her pants together. Once undone, she grabbed the pull tab and the sound of her zipper slowly being lowered echoed in the empty room. She slid her hand along her taut belly. Combing her fingers through the soft damp hair of her vagina, she pushed through the small mass until she touched her wet folds. Moaning as she pressed her thumb against the hard bud of her clitoris, she dipped a finger into her honey-pot. Pulling her hand away, Daria placed the moist digit between her lips and sucked it clean while pinching hard on her nipple.

“Yes.” Her juices flooded her panties.

After several attempts, she was able to type the words in response to his command.

Baby, you feel so good. I want to come. Your tongue in my pussy is too much. I taste my cream on your tongue and it tastes so good. [Blackqueen77]


Later Taters.


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