Freakfest Friday

Hello my friends,

To kick off a wonder filled weekend I am posting a collection I like to call “Wet” I hope you enjoy looking as much as I enjoyed finding. If you read past my  collage of male bodies you will also find a sexy snippet of my current work in progress. Happy Friday my friends!

Here’s another one…

How about a bunch of them?

Or maybe just one?

Finally. Does he do it for you?

As promised, if you read below I have a snippet of my current work in progress. Making Monsters.

He stood, towering over her. The look on her face was wanton lust. Her peanut butter complexion was flushed with a undertone of deep red. She stared up at him through shuttered lids, partially hiding her expressive chocolate brown eyes. Her lips were dark pink and slightly swollen. Wisps of hair had pulled away from her puff ponytail and tight black curls had sprung up at various places on her scalp. He had yet to tell her he loved her but every time they were together he made it a point to show her with his body how much he cared.

“Lead the way Miss. Shelly.” He turned her around and tenderly urged her forward.

She reached behind her, wrapping her fingers around his and pulled him with her as she walked toward his office. He stared at her luscious backside as they crossed his lab. Her belt strained to hold her pants on her waist, the two round orbs that mad her butt cheeks bounced as she moved. Mercy but he loved her ass.

“Stop staring at my ass.” Malia threw over her shoulder.

“I love your ass.” He reached for her belt with his other hand. “How did you know I was looking at your voluptuous buns.”

“I can feel your eyes on me.” She shoved his office door open.

The glass doors shook from the power of her thrust, bouncing off the wall behind it.  Paul caught it with his hand, firmly closing it behind him, dropping the shades before he followed behind her. Yanking on her hand clasped in his, he twirled her around and drew her up against him walking her backwards. He stopped when they hit the lip of his desk. With her back to his front his dick pressed snugly against the small of her back. He slid his hands up along her curves and cupped a breast in each palm. Malia’s head fell back against his chest. Her thick raven-colored hair tickled his chin.

She reached up to unbutton her work shirt. Paul covered her hands with his, stilling her progress. He brushed his lips against the shell of her ear.

“Let me.” He whispered.

“Nope, you like to tease.”

Keep it real peeps. Later Taters. Kass

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