A bucket of ice Stat!

I’m currently working on a new wip, titled Making Monsters. I wrote this scene and had to get a glass of cold water. I hope you, the readers, feel the same way. Let me know what you think. Here’s a snippet…

“That’s my girl.” His lips brushed her earlobe.

Malia felt the small sting as he sucked it between his teeth and bit down, lapping her tingling lobe with is tongue to sooth the hurt. Her cleft clinched as he drew his knuckles down her arms and across her shoulder blades. He leaned on her and her breasts were hard-pressed against the cold tile. Her belly quivered as all nerves led directly to her throbbing clit. His palms skimmed her side and she felt his lips journey lower using her spine as a road map. Malia dropped her head on the wall. The cold surface was a relief on her heated skin of her face.

His hands followed his mouth and she felt the sharp sting of his fingertips biting into the sensitive skin of her ass. Water was building in the tub, she swallowed before looking behind her. His shirt had drifted over the drain and become stuck. Waves rocked the cloth back and forth as Paul dropped to his knees. She stared down at him and he looked up at her with a devilish smile. He pulled her ass cheeks apart and kissed her rosebud. Sensations washed over her and Malia forgot everything else around them. His tongue was doing amazing things to her ass hole. She closed her eyes and formed fists, beating back the urge to bang them against the wall.

Currents were like strings eliciting different reactions within her body. The rough texture of his sliding tongue on the soft skin of her pucker made her clit pulse and her orbs felt heavy. The urge to touch herself was becoming overwhelming. She felt a pull on her bud, his deft fingers alternated between pinching and massaging her hard nubbin. Unable to stop, she rotated her hips. Rolling her face on the tile she opened her eyes and looked down. He’d snaked his hand around her waist and held her in place with his other hand wide across her stomach. Then she felt his tongue slip into her ass completely and she lost sense of the world around her but for the two of them. Her orgasm flooded he body and her knees weakened. She felt herself sliding down into the bathwater and she subconsciously fell into chasm of swirling colors.

Suddenly he was there, pinning her up with his body.

5 thoughts on “A bucket of ice Stat!

  1. Hot damn! I’m thinking fire and Ice. This is the most intense snippet of erotica I’ve read in a while. I just love your deeply arousing description of an intense Salad Tossing session.

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