Sneak Peek Saturday

Hi welcome to Sneak Peek Saturday. I’m currently working on my Christmas wip. Meet Cyn Fuller and Lucas Nickels.

Make it Happen Captain – Blurb

Cyn wiped out her savings to pay for a Christmas present for herself. A singles cruise, but not just any cruise. This ships itinerary  was promoted specifically to public servants like fireman, policeman and etc. The ultimate singles cruise with a buffet of single sexy men to chose from.

She was determined to get on that ship and after a little robbing Peter to pay Paul, she’d managed it.

Once there she made an interesting observation.  The men were all old. It was the ideal cruise…for geriatrics.

What’s a girl to do?

Then she spotted him, tall, dark and delicious, amidst a sea elderly.  Her problem, she’d catch glimpses of the mystery man only to lose him in the crowd. Now she’s a hostage on a decadent floating hotel, dodging indecent proposals by Viagra swilling men while searching for the one man that made her Christmas lights flicker. Can she get to him before the cruise ends Christmas day or will her chance be forever lost?


Small unedited excerpt.

Cyn was lost. She’d followed the porter without paying attention to where she was going.  She chewed the inside of her lip. Pulling her hobo bag higher on her shoulder she was about to march forward.

“Do you need some help young lady?”

She looked to her side at a fit older man, probably in his late fifties.  His dark hair heavily salted with white. He was her height and fit. His toned biceps bulged beneath the sleeves of his polo shirt, his hand wrapped around the handle of his duffle bag. In cargo shorts and sneakers, Cyn rethought his age, maybe he was in his late forties.  She raised her gaze and met cool brown eyes.

“Umm, yes. Thank you.” She lifted her hand to read her ship’s information. “I’m trying to find my port to the S.S Dreamweaver.

“Great. Then follow me that’s the cruise I’m taking also.” He reached out to brush her bare arm. Gently shifting her in the direction he wanted her to take.

Cyn smiled and eased away from his touch. She turned the way he’d indicated and started to walk off. Within a few moments she felt a hand at the small of her back. She looked over her shoulder to see the same man walking close. She added speed to her step and followed the signage that had her ship’s name written across them.

She stopped cold.

A crowd filled the enormous room. Along one wall ceiling to floor windows sparkled offering a view of the massive ship. In the very front of a shadowed entrance was a straight line of lecterns with port personnel standing behind them. Long line snaked around the floor before them. A boisterous laugh drew her attention to the corner where a festive Christmas tree was decorated in a nautical theme and people sat in the chairs surrounding it. Something was odd and she couldn’t quite put her finger on it. Peering closer at different individuals it dawned on her.

Everyone in the room was way older than her thirty-three years, with the exception of port employees it looked like she was one of the youngest people there. It couldn’t be. Cyn thought to herself as she swirled around. The older man from outside stepped into her line of sight.

“Hey there you are. You must be a sprint walker, I thought I lost you.”  His smile was wolfish.

“Yeah…ah…no.” She crooked her lips in what she hoped was a semblance of a smile and slowly backed away.

He followed her, stepped into her space and crooked his arm through hers. “Alright then, let’s get checked in. My name is Archie McDonald.” Archie spoke as he pulled her toward the winding line.

Cyn searched the room, looking for any excuse to get away from Archie. She extracted her arm from his grasp by grabbing the strap to her purse. He slipped his hand to her back and pushed her forward. She covered her mouth with her hand at the invasion of her personal space as his hand slid lower on her back. Beads of sweat formed on her forehead.  Every time the line moved she inched closer to the person in-front of her.

Archie’s hand shifted sliding down to the curve of her ass. She jumped, bumping into the person before her. He turned around scowling, his frown turning into a smile when his gaze lit upon her.

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