Flash Friday is back!

Happy Friday and welcome back. The winner to the blog hop is Ursula. However I am so excited about this anthology I pulled from my comments…drum roll please…and the winner is Tina B. Congratulations!

Now onto Flash Friday. Leave a comment and tell me what you think. Its a work in progress for me.

“Cai your Triad. You can’t keep doing this to me. We are on opposite sides of the law.” Lisa raised her hand, itching to cup his chin. She quickly drew it back before actually touching him.

He grabbed her hand before she could hide it away in her jeans pocket.

Pressing her palm against his chest, over his heart. “Do you remember Lisa? How you use to run and hide when you were scared. I told you then, you would never have to hide again. I protected you then and I will protect you now.” He stepped into her space.

The heat rolled off his body, warming her skin from the early morning chill. It was wrong, she was a homicide detective and her lover was a powerful member of the San Francisco Triad. Lisa dropped her head fighting the urge to wrap her arms around him and step into his warmth.

Cai lifted her chin, brushing her bottom lip with his thumb. His gaze searched her face finally meeting her stare. “I will fight for you wu ai. I will do whatever I have to do to prove to you I am the man you need me to be.”

Lisa shook her head. “We both know that’s not possible…not anymore.” She stepped back, took one last look at his face, memorizing the features she’d come to love. Turning on her heel she walked away into the fog.

One thought on “Flash Friday is back!

  1. Wow! I love it!! I can only imagine how hard it must be for Lisa to walk away.
    Thank you for sharing, Kassanna! Good luck with it. I look forward to reading the finished product.
    I am not sure if you picked another winner or not, but I received a copy of Keyboards and Kink already, so if you don’t mind, can you pick someone else to enjoy it? Thank you! 🙂

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